CannonBOWL 30

Maximum capacity in a tight footprint

The CannonBOWL 30 is a smaller version of the CannonBOWL 40, designed to provide an adventure-like experience in tighter spaces.

Ride Features

  • Utilizes ProSlide’s patented corkscrew exit
  • Strategically placed water injectors guide riders along the wall and towards the exit
  • Purposeful designed to offer maximum throughput and capacity
CannonBOWL 30

Double tube - Up to 2 riders

CannonBOWL 30

30 foot diameter

CannonBOWL 30

Patented corkscrew exit

CannonBOWL 30 - Ride Experience

Riders seated in a multi-person in-line tube that delivers a high-performance experience

Begins with a high-speed start as riders accelerate down and transition smoothly into the bowl like a bobsled

Riders circle the bowl a few times before being quickly directed to the center of the bowl's exit

Patented corkscrew exit sends riders freefalling into the splash down channel/pool

Featured Projects

The award-winning BOWL shape brings an adventure in an iconic shape to parks around the world.

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“ProSlide rides rank #1 with our guests. Huge wow factor.”

- Tim Mow, Yas Waterworld

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