Section 02 — About the ride

Riders battle each other for speed along the braided arms of this legendary titan.

  1. Ride experience

    Competing riders rocket through twisting tunnels before accelerating into open multi-bump racing lanes.

  2. Exclusive technology

    Every element of our racer water rides has been designed to optimize operations and safety.

  3. Essential ride

    Our award-winning, high capacity KrakenRACER™ is a new twist on the classic racer.

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • Mat

  • 900 Clients Per Hour



Winner of IAAPA’s 2010 Best New Waterpark Ride award and WWA’s 2011 Innovation Award, the legendary KrakenRACER™ is a high-speed adventure like no other.

High above the pool, mat-riding competitors launch themselves headfirst into side-by side tunnels in a thrilling race to the bottom, sliding through twisting tunnels before accelerating into the open multi-bump racing lanes.

Guest Capacity 1-person (6 lanes)
Hourly Ride Capacity 150/lane
Dispatch Rate 24 seconds
Vehicle Mat

Ride experience

Racers drop and bump down the home stretch, feeling every inch of speed, compression and zero-gravity as they rocket to the finish.

Competition is the name of the game with ProSlide® racers. It’s what maximizes repeat ridership. Our lower lane separators make it easy for riders to see each other, while options like red and green start lights and an exit timing system intensify the action.

Exclusive technology

Every element of these essential water rides has been engineered to optimize operations and safety:

  • Splashguards on perimeter lanes reduce water loss.
  • Non-skid run-outs ensure riders exit safely.
  • Lower-lane separators enable riders to see the competition in other lanes.
  • Red and green start lights and exit timing systems intensify the action.

Essential ride

The award-winning KrakenRACER™ is perfect for all ages. Plus, with many riders racing at once, this iconic ride supports high capacities that grow as you add lanes.

Customized for your space, the KrakenRACER™ has become the new benchmark for mat-racing in waterparks around the world.


2011 Best New Water Park Ride
1994 Best New Water Park Ride

2011 Industry Innovation Award

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With their creativity and experience, ProSlide shapes our dreams into the best water parks in the world."

Wanda Group

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