The next generation in family rafting

The PowerRIVER features ProSlide’s exclusive PowerRIVER channel technology that creates a floating, river-rapid experience. Accommodating up to six riders of any demographic, the PowerRIVER is a true family experience.

Ride Features

  • Uses ProSlide’s exclusive channel feature technology
  • Fiberglass boulders and slalom turns create white water and redirect flow
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Channel feature

Family Adventure

Family adventure ride

Up to six people

6 riders - up to

PowerRIVER - Ride Experience

Longest ride experience in any park

Guests experience undulating waves and currents and transition from sliding forward to controlled turns

Includes river-like rapids, smooth floating waters, and changes in speed

Movement through dark tunnels and open flumes create a dynamic experience

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A world-class family experience for industry-leading parks.

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- Hue Eichelberger, Premier Parks

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