Patented BLAST water propulsion

Featuring ProSlide exclusive BLAST technology to propel boats higher, faster and longer than conventional “sheet flow” designs, the RocketBlast was engineered to deliver high performance thrill mimicking the feeling of a bobsled race. Seated one behind the other in the formation of a rocket, the 3-4 person raft delivers high and low g-forces throughout the ride path.

Ride Features

  • World’s #1 water propulsion technology powers the next generation of water coasters
  • Patented high-pressure water jets drive boats higher, faster, and longer than conventional “blaster” coasters
  • BLAST technology pushes boats up 50% steeper inclines using 60% less power than traditional technology
  • RocketBLAST is also available in a Low-to-Grade design. This variation of our popular RocketBLAST technology boosts riders uphill from a low grade start on flat terrain, eliminating a boat conveyer and a high tower start platform, enabling lower constructions costs and higher installation flexibility
Up to 2 riders

Single file boat formation (Rocket)

High-performance speed

High speed dueling race


Patented water nozzle propulsion

RocketBLAST - Ride Experience

High speed water coaster experience that doesn't slow down as it powers uphill

Dynamic ride path feels like a rollercoaster with sharp turns, drops, and dives

Riders feel the power as the water propulsion drives them forward through each bend

Feelings of weightlessness as riders speed through the ride path towards the end of the ride


ProSlide leads the market in water ride innovation and technology with over 100 awards and recognitions.

Award Winning


Golden Ticket Award

Best NEW Water Park Ride
RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 30
Water Country USA


Golden Ticket Awards

Best NEW Water Park Ride
RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER LTG Water Coaster
Thunder Rapids, Six Flags Fiesta Texas


Brass Ring Awards

Best NEW Water Park Ride
RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 30 Water Coaster
Siam Park - Singha

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“We trusted ProSlide could deliver this brand new ride because we knew the performance of their existing slides”

Christoph Kiessling, Siam Park

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