A high-speed version of our original TWISTER

The turbo version of the original ProSlide TWISTER. The TurboTWISTER accelerates riders with faster speeds and steeper profiles through open flumes into back-to-back turns, 360 and high-banking loops.

Ride Features

  • ProSlide’s design expertise allows for limitless potential when designing
  • Patented compound curves create a sense of acceleration, with smooth entries and exits in curved areas
  • Largest selection of flume parts available for use
High-performance speed

High performance speed

Body Slide

Body slide

High banking curves

High banking curves

TurboTWISTER - Ride Experience

Speed through open flumes in 1 or 2-person tubes

Riders travel through the TurboTWISTER with a mix of back-to-back curves, drops, and vortex loops

Quickly accelerating vertical and compound curves throughout the ride

Dynamic ride path from beginning to end

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“It’s always about the rides – and that’s why we rely on ProSlide.”

- Ed Hart, Kentucky Kingdom

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