Fuelled by True TORNADO® Power

ProSlide’s SwitchBACK transforms the ride path by creating a quick change in direction that keeps riders on their toes. With fast up and down oscillations, a SwitchBACK creates a dynamic and interactive ride experience.

Ride Features

  • Uses the new, Face-to-Face Tube developed exclusively for the SwitchBACK
  • Can be added to ride paths with existing ProSlide features like the TORNADO® 18, FlyingSAUCER® 20 and 30.
  • Fuelled by patented TornadoWAVE® technology
  • The latest evolution of ProSlide’s award-winning TornadoWAVE
Up to 2 riders

2-person vehicle


Shared Experience


Patented IP Design

SwitchBACK - Ride Experience

Riders experience a quick, sharp change in direction

Near zero Gs as riders travel up the feature

Fast up and down oscillations at least once in the ride path

Playful experience with short oscillations and quick transitions

Rider positioning allows them to share in the thrills

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