Installation Services

End-to-end installation from experts you can trust

ProSlide has the knowledge and expertise to install your park’s water rides perfectly. Rely on ProSlide to install your rides and benefit from:


The extensive expertise of a professionally trained team

An installation that perfectly functions according to design intent

Experts at your service

Water rides are part of ProSlide’s DNA. That’s why ProSlide trains engineers, carpenters, plumbers, welders, and others in every aspect of water ride installation. When clients choose ProSlide for their installations, they can rest assured that their water rides are installed according to exact design specifications. Working in coordination and collaboration with all on-site contractors, ProSlide’s experienced project managers take on the entire project life cycle from contracts to client handover, including field installation.

Once installed, ProSlide completes a full commissioning and ride verification and ensures your ride is safe and ready for your guests to enjoy.

ProSlide offers two levels of installation service:

  • Full Installation:
    From start to finish, ProSlide will install your ride and take care of everything along the way.
  • Technical Adviser:
    ProSlide will provide on-the-job advice and best practices to your installation team.
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