A high speed bump-drop ride

ProSlide’s MultiBUMP is a high speed bump-drop ride that feels like a slope full of ski jumps. The MultiBUMP body slide drops riders at high speed and zero-G over a series of breathtaking near-vertical pitches.

Ride Features

  • Expertly engineered compound curves and narrow flume ensures guests transition smoothly to the exit
High-performance speed

High performance speed

Body Slide

Body slide

Zero Gs

Momentary zero G's

MultiBUMP - Ride Experience

Narrow u-shaped flume and compound curves keep riders stable, ensuring smooth transitions from drop to bump

Expert engineering produces the straightest descent

Riders alternate between high compression and zero-Gs

Can be combined with multiple ProSlide speed slides

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“It’s always about the rides – and that’s why we rely on ProSlide”

- Ed Hart, Kentucky Kingdom

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