TornadoWAVE 45

The Industry's only curved wall

The TornadoWAVE 45 is a more compact version of the TornadoWAVE 60, featuring the same iconic experience that sends riders dropping into the feature and sweeping across the towering curved wall.

Ride Features

  •  The TornadoWAVE 45 utilizes ProSlide’s patented reducing-radius technology from the TORNADO 60
  • The dynamic twist in-run provides a thrilling 100% grade drop
  • The engineered curved wall and outrun give TornadoWAVE the most repeatable ride path in the industry
Industry' s only curved wall

Only curved wall in the industry

High-performance speed

High-performance speed

Zero Gs

Zero G

TornadoWAVE 45 - Ride Experience

Riders build anticipation from the start as they speed toward the in-run

Vehicle twists and drops at 100% grade and freefalls into the TornadoWAVE

Riders sweep across the top of the wall, experiencing near weightlessness

Transition into the perfectly positioned outrun and re-enter the dynamic ride path

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“Our Tsunami Surge combines great thrills and tremendous throughput for our guests. ProSlide really delivered!”

- Dale Kaetzel, Six Flags

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