The world's highest capacity looping speed slide

Winner of two Best New Water Park Ride award, SuperLOOP is an iconic ride with sheer drops and perfect curves that attracts guests from miles around.

Ride Features

  • Expertly engineered compound curves and narrow flume ensures guests transition smoothly to the exit
High-performance speed

High performance speed

Body Slide

Body Slide

360 loop

360 loop

SuperLOOP - Ride Experience

Drops riders through a near-vertical chute into a tight 360° turn

Riders remain in a stable position through smooth transitions

G-forces glue the rider to the wall as they round the loop, followed by a decrease in speed as they approach the exit

Add a SkyBOX drop launch system to create a truly breathtaking experience

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“It’s always about the rides – and that’s why we rely on ProSlide”

- Ed Hart, Kentucky Kingdom

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