Ride Design

Ride Design is Everything

Water ride design is the most important contributor to your water park’s success. The guest entertainment value, safety, capacity, and marketing impact are all anchored by your ride design. Water rides that are customized to a park’s unique site and vision are the most important aspect of any water park investment.

ProSlide is the global leader in water ride design. We are unmatched in the industry, having pioneered nearly every major water ride category for the past 30 years. We draw upon a rich heritage of high-performance ski racing that is unique only to ProSlide and inspires our award-winning water rides.

Inspired by ski racing

The genesis of ProSlide’s water rides lies with the company’s unique skiing origins. ProSlide founder Rick Hunter drew inspiration from his time on Canada’s alpine ski team, using that experience to mirror skiing’s smooth turns and high speeds in the each ProSlide’s water rides. The results are the most awarded water rides in the world and a commitment to relentless innovation. Your ProSlide water rides will deliver timeless experiences for your guests that will help you win in your marketplace. 

Concept Reality

Custom Complexes

Investing in custom complexes.

Complete the perfect ride experience with a ProSlide custom complex. Uniquely customized for every park, ProSlide’s custom complexes combine any mix of rides on a single tower to perfectly match a park’s footprint, demographics, target capacities, and budget.

Differentiation is critical and custom rides provide a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be duplicated. Our rides are tailored to perfectly match with your demographics, capacities, and budget, providing you with everything you need to deliver the most entertainment value for your space.

ProSlide delivers true custom design with:

  • 30+ years of design excellence
    ProSlide has been pioneering and practicing water ride design excellence for over 30 years. Every ProSlide Water Ride is custom with each design improving on the last. Your next ProSlide ride will be designed by the team trusted by Disney, Universal, Six Flags, SeaWorld, OCT, Siam Park, and other world-leading water parks.
  • Deep understanding of ride physics
    ProSlide’s ride design expertise goes deep into the curves, gradients, and technology to design the world’s best water rides. ProSlide’s design team is the most experienced in the industry and will give you a competitive advantage in your market.

  • Widest range of fiberglass profiles
    ProSlide has the largest inventory of fiberglass flume profiles in the industry. We are tooling new molds every day to expand our design toolkit and create compact, high-performance water rides.

  • Firm commitment to your success
    Every water park deserves perfectly designed rides. That’s why design and building the world’s best water rides is – and has always been – ProSlide’s commitment. You’ll know a ProSlide ride when you ride it and so will your guests.

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