FlyingSAUCER 30

The authentic FlyingSAUCER

ProSlide’s patented FlyingSAUCER is an innovative high-speed feature that has redefined how to turn in a water ride. Catering up to 5 riders per boat, the FlyingSAUCER is a world exclusive that mimics the feeling of being in a world cup ski race. To date the FlyingSAUCER has been installed at over 40 water parks worldwide.

Ride Features

  • FlyingSAUCER is a high speed, accelerating feature with a compounded curve outer wall and a flat plate in the center
  • FlyingSAUCER is tilted at a steep angle to create a high-speed accelerating turn
  • FlyingSAUCER can be tilted at various angles to create unique high-performance experiences
  • Multiple patents and trademarks worldwide
Patented IP design

Patented IP design

High-performance speed

High-performance speed


30 feet in diameter

FlyingSAUCER 30 - Ride Experience

Ride experience is inspired from the speed and motion of a giant slalom ski turn

Each boat drops and dives into the FlyingSAUCER accelerating into a high-speed turn

Taking each turn like a world cup ski racer, they look to the fall-line in anticipation of the next gate

Patented design of the FlyingSAUCER creates a centrifugal force that pulls the riders through the turn along the outer wall to the exit


We are transforming water parks around the world with our award-winning innovations year after year.

Award Winning


Golden Ticket Award

Best NEW Water Park Ride
RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 30
Water Country USA


Golden Ticket Awards

Best NEW Water Park Ride
RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER LTG Water Coaster
Thunder Rapids, Six Flags Fiesta Texas


Leading Edge Award



Brass Ring Awards

Best NEW Water Park Ride
RocketBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 30 Water Coaster
Siam Park - Singha

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Bringing the speed of a giant slalom ski turn to parks around the world.

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