Section 02 — About the ride

Race along the edge for high speeds and thrills.

  1. Ride experience

    2-person or 4-person rafts face the drop-and-dive sensations of a ski slalom race.

  2. Exclusive technology

    Maximum curving speed and centrifugal forces create an exhilarating ride.

  3. Constant innovation

    We’re driven to deliver massive thrills at high capacities using innovative technology.

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • 2 Person

  • 600 Clients Per Hour


FlyingSAUCER® 30

The FlyingSAUCER® 30 rockets guests through dark tunnels as they speed onto the wide-open expanse of the massive saucer.


A world’s first, this high-speed, high thrill ride delivers a ride experience like no other.

Guest Capacity 2-person
Hourly Ride Capacity 600
Dispatch Rate 12 seconds
Vehicle Tube

Ride experience

Our expert engineering enables riders to race along the saucer’s edge, glued by centrifugal force, transitioning to the next feature, or through the narrow exit, with ease.

Exclusive technology

Our patented ProSlide compound curve combines arcs with different radiuses for a faster and tighter ride with stronger g-forces, while the saucer’s precise roll and pitch of creates maximum speed and centrifugal force.


The FlyingSAUCER® 30 is an industry-changing attraction featuring the latest in water ride technology.

Constant innovation

We’re dedicated to helping our customers deliver the ultimate experience to their guests. The FlyingSAUCER® 30 was born from this drive to continue bettering our best.

Awards & Recognition

2015 Best Waterpark Ride

2017 Best New Waterpark Ride

01 01

ProSlide® rides rank #1 with our guests. Huge wow factor.

Tim Mow Yas Waterworld, UAE

Section 05 — Similar Rides
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