Launched Dueling RocketBLAST

One-of-a-kind Water Coaster

This world’s first water coaster has been purposefully designed to deliver maximum thrill from start to finish. Unlike others, this water coaster has been engineered with ProSlide’s next-generation LAUNCH technology. Specifically designed to start the ride at grade, riders begin on a flat surface and are accelerated forward with thrill and anticipation towards the first uphill section.

Ride Features

  • Strategically positioned nozzles launch riders from a flat start up the inclines, and around compound curves using award-winning BLAST water propulsion
  • RallyPOINT technology amplifies the competitive experience as riders racer to each one
  • Patented FlyingSAUCER 30’s create an intense “drop and dive” sensation
  • World’s first Face-to-Face dueling zone elevates competition and allows riders to get closer then ever
  • The “water channel finish” is an industry first. The ride’s dueling PIPEline continues into the channel finish and maintains the ride’s innovative head-to-head racing experience towards the finish line.
Up to 2 riders

Single file boat formation (Rocket)

icon-set 2_Braid

LAUNCH start system


Patented water nozzle propulsion

Launched Dueling RocketBLAST - Ride Experience

The ride begins on a level conveyor launch building anticipation as riders line up side-by-side for their competition start. They are then accelerated forward with thrill and anticipation towards the first uphill section

Features award-winning FlyingSAUCER turns and high-speed RallyPOINTs that allow them to see and hear each other at multiple points throughout the ride

BLAST technology powers riders uphill and through the dynamic ride path experiencing the thrill of a traditional rollercoaster with its sharp turns, drops and dives

Riders have a feeling of weightlessness as they speed through the ride path towards the dueling water channel finish line

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“ProSlide’s focus on constant innovation is one of the things that drives our ongoing relationship, they are always bringing us new ideas that other ride manufacturers simply don’t consider”

Matt Eckert, Holiday World

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