ProBOWL 30

A body slide adventure

This high-thrill body slide fits into the tightest spaces with its 30-foot bowl shape and compact freefall exit.

Ride Features

  • Utilizes ProSlide’s compact freefall exit
  • The more aerodynamic a rider’s body position, the higher their speed
  • More speed equates to more revolutions around the bowl before freefalling into the bowl below
Body Slide

Single body slide


30 foot diameter

Safe exit

Arrow to reference safe exit

ProBOWL 30 - Ride Experience

A single rider body experience, the patented bowl shape creates a high-speed, smooth ride for each guest

Riders accelerate from a high-speed tunnel straight into a cyclone of water

Riders careen around the patented bowl at high speeds

Riders are glued to the wall as they circle the perimeter till they begin to decelerate towards the exit

Featured Projects

The award-winning BOWL shape brings an adventure in an iconic shape to parks around the world.

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“ProSlide rides rank #1 with our guests. Huge wow factor.”

- Tim Mow, Yas Waterworld

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