Dueling RocketBLAST

The Industry's First True-Dueling Water Coaster

Featuring RocketBLAST water propulsion, the most powerful and efficient uphill water ride technology in the industry, riders race through a dynamic race track. At multiple locations through the ride path, riders can see and hear each other at RallyPOINTS and bank through high-speed FlyingSAUCER curves. This is the ultimate water coaster.

Ride Features

  • Powerful RocketBLAST sections harness jet propulsion to drive boats higher and faster
  • RallyPOINT dueling technology allow riders to see and hear their competitors
  • World’s first FlyingSAUCER 20’s amplify the ride experience with accelerating open curves
  • High capacity dual start tubs feature provides a bobsled-style racing start
  • Unique ride path features lane switching and dynamic race track
Up to 2 riders

Single file boat formation (Rocket)

High-performance speed

High performance speed


Patented water nozzle propulsion

Dueling RocketBLAST - Ride Experience

High energy and high capacity dual start tubs prepare racers in a bobsled-style racing start fuelling the excitement

Intoxicating adrenaline rush at every RallyPOINT as racers face off side-by-side in the heat of competition

Engineered G-force power precision at every FlyingSAUCER open curve

High speed inclines powered by RocketBLAST jet propulsion for a heart-pounding photo finish


ProSlide leads the market in water ride innovation and technology with over 100 awards and recognitions.

Award Winning


IAAPA: Industry Impact Award

Dueling PIPElineBLAST / FlyingSAUCER 20 Water Coaster
Splashway Waterpark


Brass Ring Award

Best NEW Water Park Ride
Dueling PIPElineBLAST / FlyingSAUCER 20 Water Coaster
Splashway Waterpark


Leading Edge Award

Dueling PIPElineBLAST
Splashway Waterpark & Campground

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“We trusted ProSlide could deliver this brand new ride because we knew the performance of their existing slides”

Christoph Kiessling, Siam Park

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