Customer Care

Experts Here to Help

Global Ride Services is a dedicated group of experts offering comprehensive support services for every ProSlide product, from construction onward. Our Ride Services Specialists provide expert installation, ride verification/commissioning, and customer support services throughout the entire life cycle of each ProSlide product. We work together with clients to maximize safety, efficiency, ride performance, and ride durability. We are with you every step of the way.

Professional Ride Verification

In order for a ride to open and meet our exacting standards of quality and safety, we commission it through a robust ride verification process. ProSlide’s expert Ride Verification team ensures that clients’ rides operate exactly as they’re designed to: the best and safest in the industry.

Our Customer Service team is here to help with all aftersales support, services, and parts inquiries.

We have the infrastructure in place to provide our business partners with exceptional service.

ProSlide uses a standardized online ticket tracking system along with a world-class telephony solution.

We’re a global company with offices around the world. Discover how we can help.