The authentic, original TORNADO

Similar to the TORNADO 60, but more compact it is the only true funnel water ride defining the best parks in the world. The patented reducing-radius funnel treats guests to one-of-a-kind experiences of fast sweeping oscillations and zero gravity moments at the equator line.

Ride Features

  • Patented reducing-radius funnel with upwardly closing geometry
  • The physics of the patented reducing-radius funnel drives rafts higher along the steep walls
  • Funnel creates dynamic experiences with multiple oscillations
  • Guests enter the Tornado 45 at the steepest angles and intense speeds with alternating moments of zero gravity and intense drops
45-foot diamter

45 feet in diameter

reducing radius

Patented reducing radius

Zero Gs

Zero G

TORNADO 45 - Ride Experience

Riders drop and dive into the TORNADO accelerating as they ride up the side of the wall

Travelling up the funnel wall towards the equator, riders experience near weightlessness as they pause and sweep downward into the next oscillation

Riders experience oscillations and high-speed thrills multiple times before moving towards the exit

Patented reducing-radius guides the riders towards funnel exit building anticipation of the next length of the ride

Featured Projects

ProSlide’s iconic TORNADO anchors some of the best water parks in the world.

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“The ProSlide TORNADO drove a huge increase of guests to our park. ”

- Dax Eddy, Jamberoo Action Park

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