Section 02 — About the ride

Thrills overflow when water parks start their speed water slides with a ProSlide® SkyBOX™ drop launch system.

  1. Ride experience

    The floor drops and riders plunge down a near-vertical tunnel to enter a looping, bumping or arrow-straight water slide.

  2. Exclusive technology

    SkyBOX™ drop launch system answers the need for the safest, highest capacity and most efficient operations.

  3. Essential ride

    Adding a SkyBOX™ to any ProSlide® solo speed slide – or the ProBOWL™ – is an easy way to turn up the buzz on your water park.

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • Body

  • 180 Clients Per Hour


SkyBOX™ Launch System

Standing on a trap door, in a transparent pod high above the water park, thrill riders feel the adrenaline rush as the floor suddenly drops out and they freefall into the narrow flume below.

It’s all a blur as riders instantly accelerate to top speed though the near-vertical chute, never slowing as they loop, bump or plummet straight down.

Guest Capacity1-person
Hourly Ride Capacity180
Dispatch Rate20 seconds

Exclusive technology

ProSlide® SkyBOX™ is the most advanced vertical drop launch system in the world for safety, performance, high capacity and efficient operations. Its 80° drop angle is the steepest in the industry, with  60° and 70° options providing design flexibility for new and retrofitted rides.

SkyBOX’s™ 80° drop angle is the steepest in the industry. New 60° and 70° options add design flexibility for new and retrofitted rides.

Race mode launches multiple SkyBOX™ units simultaneously, turning speed slide riders into racing machines.

Add a SkyBox™ to a SuperLOOP™FreeFALL™MultiBUMP™,
TurboTWISTER™ or ProBOWL™ water ride from ProSlide® to create truly breathtaking experiences for your guests.

Essential ride

Superior ride performance, massive impact and complete safety. This is why ProSlide® speed slides are in more water parks than any other manufacturer.

Speed slide installations in high profile water parks around the world have been awarded for their ability to thrill guests and satisfy targets.

Now in its third generation, ProSlide® SkyBOX™ is the most advanced vertical drop launch in the world for safety, performance, high capacity and efficient operations:

  • Highest safety rating in compliance with SIL4 & PLe standards
  • Solenoid blocks: like those used on airliners for high reliability
  • Touch screen for easy operations and maintenance
  • Real-time remote systems monitoring. An industry first!
  • Daily system test verifies key operations before the first rider is launched
  • In-unit microphone for operator-rider communication

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ProSlide® has some of the best family attractions in the industry.

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