Section 02 — About the ride

Combine these exciting funnels into an unforgettable hybrid ride and offer guests a thrill around every corner.

  1. Ride experience

    Sudden drops, high-banking swings and zero-gravity moments surprise riders at every turn.

  2. Exclusive technology

    ProSlide’s® TORNADO® 24 has revolutionized the industry with its patented funnel shape.

  3. Anchor ride

    Discover engineered performance with the legendary TORNADO®.

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • 4 Person

  • 720 Clients Per Hour


TORNADO® 24 Water Ride

What’s even better than one ProSlide® TORNADO®? More! The TORNADO® 24 is perfect as a hybrid ride with two or more high-energy funnels in one lightning-fast ride path. Because the TORNADO® 24’s slightly smaller funnel size makes everything happen faster, it ups the ante for excitement and variety.

When you combine multiple TORNADO® 24s—or connect with bowls or walls—you deliver one-of-a-kind thrills!

Guest Capacity2-person4-person
Hourly Ride Capacity360720
Dispatch Rate20 seconds20 seconds

Ride experience

Riders enter the TORNADO® at the steepest angles and the fastest speeds. As they sweep high up the opposite wall—and across the equator line—they experience an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness. With their vehicle almost perpendicular to the ground, riders feel like they are about to tip over, but the curved funnel wall keeps them perfectly safe. After a series of these exciting oscillations, riders descend through the outrun and exit the ride.

Exclusive technology

Only ProSlide® creates a true funnel-shaped water ride with a perfectly round opening and curved walls that taper to the center. This patented shape creates the thrills that just can’t be duplicated.

Anchor ride

Discover engineered performance with the legendary TORNADO®.

A consistent guest favorite, TORNADO® 24 is built from award-winning technology. Available in a size for every footprint, budget and ride experience, the TORNADO® offer parks a full range of thrills. A true must-have ride. 

Awards & Recognition

2013 Best New Water Park Ride
2010 Best New Water Park Ride
2009 Best New Water Park Ride
2003 Best New Water Park Ride

2014 Leading Edge Award (2)
2013 Leading Edge Award
2012 Industry Impact Award

2003 Best Water Park Ride

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The ProSlide® TORNADO® drove a huge increase of guests to our park.

Dax Eddy Jamberoo Action Park, Australia

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