The future of water park mat racers

ProSlide’s innovative RallyRACER transforms the water park mat racer by creating an amplified sensation of racing. The patented u-shaped flume and RallyPOINTS heighten the competitive experience even more.

Ride Features

  • Patented RallyPOINTS with a u-shaped flume and low separator wall allow riders to see and hear each other
  • Ergonomic start tubs enable a launched start like a sprinter’s starting block”
  • High capacities accommodate up to 900 riders per hour
Competitive racing

Competitive racing

icon-set_Multi lane

Multi lane

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Mat racer

RallyRACER - Ride Experience

Riders race against friends in 2 to 10 neighboring lanes

Riders launch themselves into the ride using ergonomic start tubs

RallyPOINTs enhance the sensation of racing throughout the ride

U-shaped flume along the entire path creates a smooth, fast, high-performance experience


We are transforming water parks around the world with our award-winning innovations year after year.

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RallyRACER brings a new level of competitive racing to parks around the world.

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“We wanted to offer our guests something extraordinary. What ProSlide delivered is breathtakingly unique.”

- Francesco Russello, Etnaland

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