Section 02 — About the ride

TornadoWAVE® 60 drops jaws around the world by launching big rafts into near-vertical hang-time.

  1. Ride experience

    Rafts surge high up the wall, hang weightless, then drop, swinging into a thrillingly narrow exit.

  2. Exclusive technology

    The world’s only curved-wall water rides, ProSlide® wave walls are engineered for exhilaration.

  3. Anchor ride

    ProSlide® walls command attention in any park with their massive size, high walls and loud riders!

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • 4 Person

  • 720 Clients Per Hour


TornadoWAVE® 60 Water Ride

With its commanding towering curved walls, ProSlide® TornadoWAVE® 60 drops jaws around the world as it sends four- to six-person rafts into near-vertical, zero gravity moments. And with capacities of up to 1,080 riders an hour, it thrills your guests and fills your park, taking you and your guests to a whole new level.

Adding more iconic features—such as bowls or funnels—to the already thrilling ride path creates an even more unique ProSlide® combo ride and offers your guests the ride of their lives.

Guest Capacity4-person6-person
Hourly Ride Capacity7201,080
Dispatch Rate20 seconds20 seconds
VehicleCloverLEAF™ CloverWHEEL™

Go combo for even more fun!

On ProSlide® wave-walls, riders feel the longest hang times and zero G-forces as they sweep up and across the wall, virtually defying gravity before descending and exiting into an out-run as narrow as 9-feet (3 m). The thrill is maximized with in-runs and out-runs that include banked curves, dips and turns.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide® walls look slick and are complex, high-performance riding surfaces. Based on award-winning ProSlide® TORNADO® ride technology, our walls use the physics of the patented true funnel shape to create the same high thrills in perfect safety. A breakthrough innovation over the older wide, flat walls, ProSlide® TornadoWAVE® 60:

  • Sends rafts up the wall faster, higher, with longer hang-time
  • Delivers a consistent exit through flumes as narrow as 108 in (2.7 m)
  • Ensures complete safety and high capacities
  • Is less expensive to produce

Anchor ride

The buzz-worthy anchors of your park, iconic water rides are impressive to look at and a thrill to ride.  Capacities of ~720 riders per hour bring water parks one giant step closer to meeting guest strategy and targets.

Awards & Recognition

2014 Leading Edge Award

2014 Best New Water Park Ride

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Our Tsunami Surge combines great thrills and tremendous throughout for our guests. ProSlide® really delivered!

Dale Kaetzel Six Flags over Georgia, USA

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