Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, Connecticut is heading into its 110th year with the power of ProSlide!

Their latest expansion, debuting in May 2018, includes:

  • ProSlide TORNADO® 18 funnel in which riders experience high-banking swings and zero-gravity moments before plunging into the next series of flumes.
  • Two ProSlide PIPEline™ serpentine slides that push the limits of gravity as riders soar to the top of banked 180º and 360º curves.

The trio of slides has a combined length of more than 1000 feet. The new complex provides thrills, but doesn’t overwhelm the little ones experiencing the park. It will be another perfect family attraction for Quassy guests!

Want to learn more about ProSlide’s partnership with Quassy Amusement Park? Listen to park owner Eric Anderson explain why he chooses ProSlide every time.

Eric Anderson Quassy Amusement Park

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