Kids Serpentine Rides


Kids can ride solo or with an adult down these gently curving open tube and body slides.

Ride experience

The back-to-back compound curves are gentle but exciting for young riders.

Exclusive technology

With your youngest guests – and their parents – in mind, we designed our KIDZ rides for maximum water slide safety.

Aquatic play

Kids serpentine slides make perfect high-capacity additions to a RideHOUSE structure, a KIDZ zone or a WaterKINGDOM.

Industry Leadership

Kids Serpentine Installations


Since 1987

Kids Rides Installations


Since 1987

Kids Ride

1998 Best New Waterpark Ride

2010 Industry Innovation


Ride experience

The back-to-back compound curves of ProSlide’s kids serpentine slides are gentle but exciting for your younger guests! Open flumes give parents and attendants maximum visibility. Our custom design approach lets water parks fit any length and style of slide into the available space.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide KIDZ rides are completely designed with your youngest guests – and their parents – in mind. Our rides have:

  • Smooth, safe ride transitions and easy, low-grade landings
  • Shallow pools and optimal sight lines

The bottom line for your water park is maximum guest satisfaction – and repeat visits!

Aquatic play

ProSlide offers the widest variety of kids’ rides, with the best choices in every category.

  • The KIDZ Twister is a classic serpentine body slide with smooth, gentle curves.
  • The KIDZ Pipeline tube ride is just a little bit faster for riders in single or double tubes.

Great standalone water rides, Kids serpentine slides are also perfect high-capacity additions to a RideHOUSE® aquatic play structure, a KIDZ zone or a WaterKINGDOM water park-within-a-park.

Guest Capacity

1-person 1-person 2-person
Ride Name KIDZ Twister™ KIDZ Pipeline™ KIDZ Pipeline™
~ Hourly Ride Capacity 300 180 360
Dispatch Rate 12-15 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds
Vehicle Body KIDZ single tube™ KIDZ double tube™


Open or Enclosed FlumeEnclosed flumes: dark ride experience, indoor/outdoor installation, enhanced sound & lighting.
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2Combine opaque and translucent fiberglass to create more wow.
Twin Start Tub
Twin Start TubTwo rafts or tubes load at a time: increases rider throughput.
Start Lights
Start LightsPhoto sensors monitor riders: added safety, higher capacities.
Pool ExitExits in pool with ~36 in/90 cm of water. Many rides can use same pool.
ProSplash Exit
ProSplash ExitShallow exit channel: ~18 in/46 cm of water. Enables ride to fit in tighter spaces.
Run-out ExitMost shallow exit channel (~12 in/30 cm of water): smooth, efficient deceleration.


Custom Design
Custom DesignEvery ride tailored to fit perfectly, thrill your guests and drive more revenue.
Compound Curves
Compound CurvesProSlide’s complex curves: arcs with different radiuses for faster, tighter ride & stronger g-forces.

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