Enter the belly of the beast.

900 per hour

Riders battle each other for speed along the braided arms of this legendary titan before blasting into a rolling, high-seas finish. Another ProSlide invention.

Ride experience

Competing riders rocket through twisting tunnels before accelerating into open multi-bump racing lanes.

Exclusive technology

Every element of our racer water rides has been designed to optimize operations and safety.

Classic water ride

Award-winning, high capacity KrakenRACER™ is a new twist on the classic racer.

Industry Leadership

KrakenRACER Installations


Since 2012

Racer Installations


Since 1994

Racer Ride

2011 Best New Waterpark Ride

1994 Best New Waterpark Ride

2011 Industry Innovation

KrakenRACER water ride

Ride experience

High above the pool, mat-riding competitors launch themselves headfirst into side-by-side tunnels to race to the bottom. Riders rocket through twisting tunnels before accelerating into the open multi-bump racing lanes.

Racers drop and bump down the home stretch, enjoying speed, compression and zero-gravity moments as they race to the finish line.

Low lane separators  let riders see their race position and egg each other on! Red and green start lights and an exit timing system can intensify the action.

The sheer joy of competition keeps riders coming back again and again.

Exclusive technology

Every element of these classic water rides has been designed to optimize operations and safety:

  • Each curve, dip and bump is perfectly engineered to deliver smooth transitions and keep riders anchored in the flume for a thrilling and safe ride.
  • Seamless transitions from closed to open flumes create a smooth ride.
  • Non-skid run-outs ensure riders exit safely.
  • Splashguards on outside lanes reduce water loss.
  • With the deepest design expertise and widest variety of fiberglass molds, ProSlide ensures rides fit perfectly in the available space.

Classic water ride

ProSlide’s headfirst mat racing rides are the most popular in the world.

The winner of IAAPA’s 2011 Best New Waterpark Ride and WWA’s 2011 Innovation Award, KrakenRACER is perfect for all ages. Many riders slide at once, creating high capacities that grow as you add lanes.

Customized for your space, the ProSlide KrakenRACER has become the new benchmark for mat-racing in waterparks worldwide.

Guest Capacity

1-person (6 Lanes)
~ Hourly Ride Capacity 150/lane
Dispatch Rate 24 seconds
Vehicle Mat


Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2Combine opaque and translucent fiberglass to create more wow.
Multiple Lanes
Multiple LanesChose number of racing lanes: impacts ride size & capacity
Lighting and Sound
Lighting and SoundAdd a sound & lighting package: takes attraction to a whole new level.
Start Lights
Start LightsPhoto sensors monitor riders: added safety, higher capacities.
Timing System
Timing SystemTracks rider speed: drives repeat ridership & more competition.


Custom Design
Custom DesignEvery ride tailored to fit perfectly, thrill your guests and drive more revenue.
Compound Curves
Compound CurvesProSlide’s complex curves: arcs with different radiuses for faster, tighter ride & stronger g-forces.
Open or Enclosed FlumesFiberglass flumes: open or closed to vary the ride experience.
Run-out ExitMost shallow exit channel (~12 in/30 cm of water): smooth, efficient deceleration.

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