We put every aspect of our rides — how they look, feel, operate — under the microscope. This translates to happy guests, return visits, higher revenues and cost savings. Here's how:

Passion is the lifeblood of our company and the source of the ProSlide® advantage. It’s passion that fuels our quest for the ultimate ride and our full devotion to every project. And passion that has made us the trusted partner of the world’s best water parks. Read how this translates into four critical advantages for customers.

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water rides

We design the ultimate water slides to ensure happy riders, market buzz, more visits and higher revenues.


ride path

A guaranteed smooth and high-thrill descent is fun and safe for riders, lowers fiberglass costs and offers design flexibility.



High quality, long-lasting materials and efficient systems reduce costs and increase capacities.

Focused on ride performance

Legendary water rides

Sleek, impressive design. A smooth, high-thrill ride. We’re obsessed with all aspects of ride performance. No surprise: we’re downhill skiers and engineers. So how do we create the ultimate water slide? ProSlide’s® technology combines engineering precision with constant innovation.

  • Our LIM water coasters are built for faster, steeper up and downs.
  • Our funnels and walls are shaped for high, wide, exhilarating sweeps in perfect safety.
  • Our bowls put riders higher on the wall and deliver more intense centrifugal forces.
  • Our racers have precisely-calculated slide gradients to keep riders anchored to the flume.
  • Our speed slide and serpentine ride paths use unique compound (multi-radius) curves, which
    • Create a smooth ride along the most thrilling line of descent
    • Keep riders high on the wall where the excitement is greatest
    • Amp up the feeling of speed
    • Eliminate pin-balling in the flume

ProSlide® water slides mean happy riders, bigger buzz, more visits, higher revenues. It’s that simple.

Predictable ride path

ProSlide® applies precision engineering, state-of-the-art computer modeling, extensive experience and the widest variety of fiberglass components to ensure riders and rafts – of all sizes – take the same smooth and electrifying path down the ride.

Creating this precise line means:

  • The safest, smoothest ride.
  • Lower costs: a consistent ride path reduces the need for wider exits with unnecessary fiberglass.
  • More design flexibility to customize our water slides for thrill level and footprint.

Operational efficiency

Because we’ve been running our own water park since 1992, we see operations through the eyes of our clients. We are always evolving our water slides to solve your challenges.

  • Patented exit and entry systems ensure higher capacities.
  • Power-efficient LIM water coasters use less energy than the water pumps alone.
  • Smart ride layouts can reduce the attendants by 50%
  • Highest quality fiberglass and other materials are built to last
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