The industry’s most comprehensive, experienced, awarded and trusted water park master planning services.

What is it?

Our Comprehensive Master Planning services for new and expanding water parks around the world include:

  • Program Development (determining the perfect ride/use mix)
  • Master Plan Development (establishing relationships among key elements)
  • Concept Development (creating the plan)

Our Comprehensive Master Planning approach means that we consider everything about your park, and not just the award-winning ProSlide® rides.

  • We bring decades of water ride planning experience to bear to ensure seamless ride integration and flow.
  • We use creative story-telling to create compelling environments, inspiring spaces and immersive experiences.
  • We work closely with your teams to optimize capacity, attendance levels, circulation, wayfinding, guest experience, sequencing, ideal element relationships, overall entertainment value and much more.

What are the benefits?


With Comprehensive Master Planning from ProSlide® you will optimize your profit with the perfect mix of creativity, entertainment and amenities and perfect ride integration.

You’ll maximize attendance, maximize efficiency, maximize guest experience and satisfaction and drive repeat visits.

The result? You’ll have one of the best, most successful and most recognized parks in your market, and quite possibly the world.

Creating your plan


  • You have a unique property, with specific topography and geographic features.
  • You have a unique location, with distinct weather, foliage, development, infrastructure, and more.
  • And you have a unique vision, your own expectations and needs, and your own dream.

With decades of dedicated water ride and park planning experience, our Master Planners are uniquely positioned to help you bring your vision to exciting life in a way that makes the most business sense, and maximizes your guest experience.

Our master planners are world-renowned experts in their field, with decades of experience planning water parks every single day. We’ve designed the world’s best parks with the world’s leading water park brands, from Disney and Universal to Six Flags, Siam Park, Beach Park and many more.

That single focus means you enjoy unparalleled ride integration and an unbeatable customer experience.

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Comprehensive master plan

We consider everything about your park, and not just the award-winning ProSlide® rides.


The benefits of planning

Maximize attendance, efficiency and guest experience, and drive repeat visits.


Every park is unique

Optimize your property and location, and bring your unique vision to life.


The world's best planners

We have decades of experience planning water parks every single day.

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With their creativity and experience, ProSlide® shapes our dreams into the best water parks in the world.

Wanda Group China

Our creative team and ProSlide® were able to work together to make it actually work with the ride and become a piece of story-telling.

Chip Cleary Europa-Park, Germany
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