Building the perfect rides for the perfect water park.

Profit from unique footprint and topography.

ProSlide custom design makes the most of your water park’s natural features. When space is at a premium, we fit the water ride you want into the space you have.

Stand out in a crowded market.

Differentiation is critical when you’re competing for guests. Invest in our one-of-a-kind rides to deliver an experience that can’t be replicated.

Achieve your business goals.

There’s no place in any winning business strategy for cookie-cutter water rides. We work with you to design a ride – or a whole park – that supports your objectives.

Finding the right mix.

Our rides are tailored to perfectly match with your demographics, capacities and budget, providing you with everything you need to deliver the most entertainment value for your space.

Investing in hybrids and custom complexes.

Complete the perfect ride experience with a ProSlide custom complex. These massive entertainment hubs can combine any mix of rides on a single tower to deliver endless variety and entertainment.

We deliver true custom design with:

Deep understanding of ride physics

With our unmatched innovation and invention, we know everything about water ride engineering customization, giving you a competitive advantage over the market.

Widest range of fibreglass profiles

We have the largest inventory of fibreglass flume profiles in the industry, allowing us to create rides with a virtually limitless variety of twists and turns, intricately interlaced to fit in tight spaces inside and out.

Firm commitment to your success

Every customer deserves perfectly-designed rides. That’s why building the world’s best water rides is – and has always been – our promise.

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The Benefits of Custom Design

1. Best utilizes your park's space and location
2. Differentiates your water park from the competition
3. Helps you achieve business goals


Endless Customization Options

From the perfect ride path and thrill level to hybrids and custom complexes, the sky’s the limit!


How only ProSlide® can truly customize

1. Deep understanding of ride physics
2. Widest range of fiberglass profiles
3. Complete commitment to your success

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ProSlide® custom-designed rides fit our incredible terrain perfectly.

Christoph Kiessling Siam Park, Spain

ProSlide's® engineering team is phenomenal with what they can do with the space that we have.

Eric Anderson Quassy Amusement Park, USA

ProSlide® was able to come up with a solution for putting in the world’s best slides, wave pool and everything all under one roof, and have it work.

Gary Hanson Triple Five Corporation, USA
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