Section 02 — About the ride

Radical TornadoWAVE® 45 sends the same chills as big-wall TornadoWAVE® 60, but in a compact format.

  1. Ride experience

    Tubes surge high up the wall, hang weightless, then drop, swinging into a thrillingly narrow exit.

  2. Exclusive technology

    The world’s only curved-wall water rides, ProSlide® wave walls are engineered for exhilaration.

  3. Anchor ride

    ProSlide® walls command attention in any park with their massive impact, high walls and loud riders!

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • 2 Person

  • 360 Clients Per Hour


TornadoWAVE® 45 Water Ride

More compact than the TornadoWAVE®, the two-person TornadoWAVE® 45 promises the same incredible thrills. Its smaller footprint fits well in tight spaces and smaller budgets, while still delivering capacities of 360 guests an hour. It’s the perfect size to include in a multi-ride custom complex.

Guest Capacity1-person2-person
Hourly Ride Capacity180360
Dispatch Rate20 seconds20 seconds
VehicleSingle TopsyRIVER™Double TopsyRIVER™  or WhirlyWHEEL™

Ride experience

On ProSlide® wave-walls, riders feel the longest hang times and zero G-forces as they sweep up and across the wall, virtually defying gravity before sweeping back down and exiting into an out-run as narrow as 9-feet (3 m). The thrill is maximized with in-runs and out-runs that include banked curves, dips and turns.

Exclusive technology

The world’s only curved-wall rides are based on the ProSlide® TORNADO®, winner of the IAAPA’s Industry Impact Award and many other awards. They are an innovation breakthrough over the wide, flat walls of older rides are are more expensive to produce; have a slower, straight up-and-back-down ride path; and can’t deliver a safely consistent exit.

Anchor ride

The buzz-worthy attractions of your park, anchor water rides are impressive to look at and a thrill to ride.

With 6 worldwide installations in its first two years, the TornadoWAVE® 45 tube ride was a success off the mark.

Awards & Recognition

2014 Leading Edge Award

2014 Best New Water Park Ride

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Our Tsunami Surge combines great thrills and tremendous throughout for our guests. ProSlide® really delivered!

Dale Kaetzel Six Flags over Georgia, USA

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