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With breathtaking nature and adrenaline-inducing entertainment, Shinhwa Water Park on Jeju Island, South Korea is a must-visit destination for families and friends.

Shinhwa Water Park offers everything anyone one could ever need — jacuzzis, cabanas, outdoor and indoor pools, and, of course, six world-class ProSlide rides!

Slide down Shinhwa Water Park’s high-speed serpentine ProSlide PIPEline with a friend for maximum velocity, intense G-forces and, uncompromising entertainment!

If you prefer a solo sliding adventure, look no further than Shinhwa Water Park’s thrilling ProSlide TWISTER. With sharp curves and rapid acceleration, it’s no surprise ProSlide’s serpentine rides are the most popular water rides in the world.

Did you know three of Shinhwa Water Park’s ProSlide rides are firsts in Asia?

  • 6 World-class ProSlide Rides

  • 3 Rides available for the first time in Asia

Shinhwa Water Park is a hit!

The “Giant Double Lift” (ProSlide Double TornadoWAVE™) promises heart-stopping turns and uncompromising force that keeps guests coming back. Four-person rafts drop into a dizzying 385-degree turn before barreling into the first TornadoWAVE. Sweeping across the wall with intense speeds, guests rocket into the second TornadoWAVE before exiting the ride.

Shinhwa Water Park’s “Super Clipper Coil” (ProSlide RocketBLAST™ + FlyingSAUCER™ 30) features fast and furious speed and acceleration, with multiple curves that provide all of the centrifugal force guests need to get their adrenaline flowing.

A 4-person thriller, the “Tornado” (ProSlide Tornado® 32) sends guests racing along steep walls at fast speeds, with an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness and guest satisfaction that can only be expected from ProSlide’s world-class water rides.

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