Pororo Aquapark Raises the Roof in Thailand.

Pororo the adventurous penguin is South Korea’s most famous animated icon, lives on an island with his six animal friends and dreams of flying every day.

Now visitors to the newly-renovated Pororo Aquapark Bangkok at CentralPlaza Bangna, Thailand – the first Pororo Aquapark in the world and the only themed water park in the heart of Bangkok– are flying every day on Pororo’s FunnelIt’s their new award-winning ProSlide® TORNADO® 12, and it’s drawing more crowds and getting a lot of attention.

The ProSlide® TORNADO® Whips up Crowds

Pororo’s Funnel is 158 meters of serpentine thrills, with smooth back-to-back turns, sudden drops and a breathtaking sweep up the massive TORNADO® wall before sliding down and out through another speedy turn to yet another funnel.

  • 158 Meters long Funnel ride

  • 10,000 Square meters

More Park Guests = More Mall Customers

Pororo Aquapark sits atop CentralPlaza Bangna Shopping Complex (on the 6th floor) and offers more than 10,000 square meters of water park fun. Obviously, the hope when planning the renovation was that the water park would create its own revenue stream, and also boost attendance at the mall. From the Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN) 2015 Annual Report: 

“The fully themed rooftop waterslide park on the sixth floor of CentralPlaza Bangna was relaunched after renovation to enhance safety and beautyMore amusement park equipment are added to attract larger customer bases, covering wider age groups of both Thai and foreign customersThe waterpark launch will enhance CentralPlaza Bangna’s competitiveness, enabling it to attract more customers.

So did it work? According to Pororo Aquapark Bangkok, “The visitor numbers were outstanding compared to the previous park before renovation.The new ride is also helping to attract a lot new customers and we are now increasing everyday in visitor numbers. And every one of them has to go through the mall to get to the park.

ProSlide & CPN – A Perfect Partnership

Vision is a huge part of success, and CPN had the vision to marry a commercial mall with world-class differentiated attractions, driving their demographic to spend more on merchandise and to have fun at the same time. For renovations or additions to existing properties, it’s critical that parks and developers find a water ride designer who is innovative and a clear industry leader, with the ability to customize and personalize individual solutions for unique, tight, or otherwise challenging spaces.

“We picked ProSlide®,” asserts Pororo Aquapark Bangkok, “because of your company expertise in water slides along with the best technology you have. But it wasn’t only the legendary rides and our cutting-edge technology that sealed the deal. “Also, one of the major concerns is the costefficiency in the renovation budget.

Vision, innovation, customization, cost-efficiency and expertise. Sounds like an ideal partnership.

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The ride is very famous for our guests because it is the newest and fastest water slide in the park. It is obviously the best slide in our park and is one of the major selling points.

Pororo Aquapark Bangkok

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