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Mike Fergusson, VP of Manufacturing Operations, talks passion, parks and ProSlide® with Manufacturing North America magazine. Double the Fun in Chongqing, China

The latest attraction from Andover Leisure Pte Ltd. is now open! The much-anticipated Dolphin Bay Waterpark opened on July 28 with dancing, frozen treats, and lots of splashing around.

Winning with Twinning

Dolphin Bay Waterpark is a sister destination to the existing Chongqing Ocean Park. President of Andover Leisure Pte Ltd., Zhang Huihan, says that this “twin park city” model makes Chongqing a must-see destination, with themed and scenic experiences for all ages and interests. Dolphin Bay is designed to offer dynamic, exciting contrast to the serene deep sea feeling of the Ocean Park. Everybody will find a favourite attraction!

Pod People

The water park is filled with interactivity to give guests a hands-on ocean experience. The star attraction is an indoor/outdoor pool where guests can engage with a playful pod of dolphins, or watch as they perform cheeky tricks. There’s also a snorkelling reef pool, a tunnel aquarium and a fantasy raft ride. Everybody in the pool!

Powered by ProSlide®

Complementing the authentic ocean experience is the park’s original terrain: the master planners at ProSlide® worked with Andover Leisure to incorporate the hilly topography and keep the park feeling natural. The layout also gives visitors multidimensional views of their surroundings as they move from attraction to attraction. Seamlessly incorporated into the elements are some of ProSlide’s® most iconic and classic rides:

• ProSlide® 8-lane KrakenRACER™
• ProSlide® TornadoWAVE® and BehemothBOWL™ 60
• ProSlide® TORNADO® 60 and TORNADO® 24 hybrid
• ProSlide® RideHOUSE® 600
• ProSlide® FreeFALL™ and SuperLOOP™ with SkyBOX™

In 2018, there are also plans to open a ProSlide® 4-tandem raft slide. The possibilities are awesome.

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