ProSlide creates the most successful water rides and water parks in the world.

We design and manufacture the highest-performing water rides in the world. Our iconic rides are loved by water park guests everywhere, making their owners the most successful parks in the business.

ProSlide provides visionary water park design for new and expanding indoor and outdoor water parks. Our collaborative, iterative master planning, based on decades of experience, takes waterparks from blank page to iconic legend.

We’ve pioneered virtually every major water ride innovation and have the awards to prove it!

More than 4,000 rides around the world.

(and counting)


4,250+ installations around the world


Global Employees


Awards & Recognitions

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We want our customers to love our products and to feel good about the service they receive. That's why we work hard to provide the industry-leading service and expertise.

Our roots in competitive sports give us our energy and focus. It’s little wonder ProSlide® has become the industry leader and a major global partner.

Our origins: Ski racing and yacht building

Connect a professional ski racer with a master yacht builder and you have the key ingredients for the best water rides in the world.

As a former national ski team racer, ProSlide® CEO Rick Hunter’s goal has always been to mirror ski racing’s smooth turns, steep grades and big drops in our water rides. When he founded ProSlide® in 1986, Rick partnered with Hans Tanzer, one of the largest sailboat manufacturers in Canada. This powerful partnership introduced the highest-quality fiberglass—built to withstand harsh marine conditions—to the water park industry. To this day, ProSlide® rides are known for their superior ride performance and premium quality.

Our mission: Design and build the best water rides in the world

As the top global water slide manufacturer, we make rides that differentiate our customers and thrill their guests. Rides that are cost-effective to operate, built to last and, above all, safe. We can confidently call ourselves world leaders because we’ve won more Best Ride awards than all other water ride manufacturers combined. But we’re not in it for the accolades. Our passion is fueled by a genuine love of the industry, and the people with the big vision who make it all happen.


Our credibility: We know water parks because we run one

No other ride manufacturer knows water parks better. That’s because we own and operate one of our own. That it’s built on a ski hill is just one of the reasons we’re experts in maximizing topography. Have a challenge? We get it.

Our DNA: Always innovating

When it comes to innovation, we’re in perpetual motion. We’re always looking to create the next big thing. Always striving to better our best work. That’s why we’re the trusted partner of the world’s top water parks: Disney, Wet ‘n Wild, Six Flags, Great Wolf Resorts, Center Parcs, Siam Park, OCT, Happy Magic Group and so many more.

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