The roadmap for a perfect water park

Work collaboratively with ProSlide’s water park planning team to turn your vision into a successful reality.

Why you need a plan

A great master plan takes your park from blank page to legend.

The keys to success

Collaborative, iterative design lets the best ideas bubble to the top.

Master plan elements

From budgets to creative themes, we provide your roadmap to success.

Decades of experience

Work with the strongest and most knowledgeable partners.

“With their creativity and experience, ProSlide shapes our dreams
into the best water parks in the world.”

Wanda Group, China.


Why you need master planning

Great water parks tell a compelling story. Guests flow effortlessly from one high impact attraction to the next. Every element runs at high efficiency and capacity. But how do you move from an empty space to a great park?

A ProSlide water park plan is a quick and cost-effective way to ensure a highly successful venue. It helps you:

  • Use your space to best advantage and overcome constraints. Outdoors: benefit from topography and natural features, and make the park truly belong in the site. Indoors: put your building’s entire volume to good use.
  • Ensure optimal guest flow and service access.
  • Create the ‘wow’ factor with iconic signature attractions and creative themes.
  • Maximize capacities by including the right mix of rides and innovations.
  • Provide the right level of entertainment for your strategy and budget.
  • Entertain all demographics to increase reach and keep guests in the park longer.
  • Future-proof your park for long-term impact and durability.

The keys to successful water park planning

Because every water park space and strategy is unique, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t cut it. At ProSlide, we take the time to

  • Listen to your needs and determine the scope and potential of your project.
  • Collaborate and brainstorm ideas to lay the creative foundation of your new park.
  • Understand the features and constraints of your site.
  • Refine the plan until your park is perfect.

The elements of a master plan

Your foundational water park plan includes

  • Full-color, high-level site plan
  • Attractions matrix
  • Estimated ride cost
  • Guest capacity assessment

We can also provide additional elements such as full theming, detailed budgets, descriptive walkthroughs, a full suite of 3D drawings,  aerial views and more.

Decades of water park experience

ProSlide has been in the business since 1986; we even operate our own park. No one knows water parks better.

What makes us different?

  • Our water park planning team includes veteran architects and designers from both the amusement and water park industries. Not only do we know the best practices in park development, we’re highly creative: developing sophisticated, fully immersive themed environments.
  • We see your future water park through the eyes of your customers. As ambassadors for your guests, we ensure your park provides the thrills, safety, and services guests need. This attention to detail delivers a highly entertaining experience and return visits.
  • Our rich ecosystem of expert partners can provide engineering, schematic design, operations management, construction specifications, tender management and more.

Water Park Planning Session

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