High-speed mega-rafting

This speedier version of the classic serpentine MAMMOTH raft water ride lets a group share the thrill of the multi-bump plummet.

Ride experience

Thrill-seeking friends and families share an electrifying high-speed ride through multiple drops and high-compression bumps.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide’s multi-radius compound curves create high excitement in perfect safety and maximum comfort.

Essential water ride

This high-speed take on the essential serpentine MAMMOTH water ride offers impact, capacity and value in one.

Industry Leadership

TurboMAMMOTH Installations


Since 1994

Speed Slide Installations


Since 1987

ProSlide speed slides:
In more water parks than any others.


Riding the TurboMAMMOTH, thrill-seeking friends and family share an electrifying high-speed ride through drops and multiple high-compression bumps.

Each steep pitch ends in a slowing bump, creating fantastic alterations between high compression and zero-Gs.

Speed builds in stages, intensifying the ride experience until the raft comes skimming to a stop.

Ride experience

Always on the leading edge of water ride design, ProSlide revolutionized this entire category of high-thrill slides by being the first to use narrow, U-shaped fiberglass profiles. This prevents vehicles from ‘floating’ side-to-side and creates the smoothest, most stable experience.

Exclusive technology


Not only does ProSlide offer the highest-thrill body slides, we’ve also created extreme rafting and tubing speed slides. Guests enjoy the adventure with friends and family while parks drive the highest capacities.

Essential water ride

Superior ride performance, massive impact and safety. This is why ProSlide speed slides are in more water parks than any other manufacturer.

ProSlide took our highest-thrill speed slides and turned up the volume. Guests can enjoy the full-throttle descent with friends and family. With TurboMAMMOTH parks can drive the highest capacities of more than  ~700 guests an hour.

Combined in a custom complex with other speed and serpentine rides, TurboMAMMOTH creates a high-volume attraction for every demographic.

Guest Capacity

6-person 5-person 4-person
~ Hourly Ride Capacity 900 750 600
Dispatch Rate 24 seconds 24 seconds 24 seconds
Vehicle 5-6 person raft 4-5 person raft CLOVERleaf™


Open or Enclosed FlumeEnclosed flumes: dark ride experience, indoor/outdoor installation, enhanced sound & lighting.
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2Combine opaque and translucent fiberglass to create more wow.
Lighting and Sound
Lighting and SoundAdd a sound & lighting package: takes attraction to a whole new level.
Twin Start Tub
Twin Start TubTwo rafts or tubes load at a time: increases rider throughput.
Start Lights
Start LightsPhoto sensors monitor riders: added safety, higher capacities.


Custom Design
Custom DesignEvery ride tailored to fit perfectly, thrill your guests and drive more revenue.
Pool ExitExits in pool with ~36 in/90 cm of water. Many rides can use same pool.

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