The FlyingSAUCER™ is turning heads!

Experience a world’s first.  The ProSlide® FlyingSAUCER™ combines a thrilling drop-and-dive sensation with maximum visual excitement. Riders experience turns in a whole new way when their line of sight follows the lightning-quick turns of the massive saucer feature.

How We Do It

The ProSlide FlyingSAUCER is a breakthrough in water ride technology. It’s transforming water parks around the world.  The secret is the signature compound curves, which alternate short and long radius turns for maximum speed and G-forces.

The FlyingSAUCER is purpose-built to deliver long exaggerated ride lines, mimicking the controlled performance of a World Cup giant slalom ski race. Thrills begin when riders navigate a predictable line into the steep angle saucer, which creates a drop-and-dive sensation. Guests carve along the outer edges high on the saucer wall, glued by centrifugal force and moving at lighting speed.

Riders race 50 feet along the outer wall, reaching speeds of up to 30 feet per second and a force of 1.9 Gs!

A New Ride Experience

The FlyingSAUCER offers a whole new way to “feel” the turn. Most rides force riders to look straight ahead, but the FlyingSAUCER compels riders to look down the fall line. Just like a slalom skier, riders accelerate through each curve and peer to see where the thrills are taking them next.

Maximum visual excitement means more anticipation and more fun!

An Iconic and Signature Thrill

Customize your FlyingSAUCER with other iconic features such as funnels, bowls and walls together into a single exhilarating ride path. Maximize the unique visual excitement that the saucer creates!

ProSlide’s custom water ride complexes truly showcase our design expertise, and demonstrate why ProSlide rides power the best, most successful and most recognized parks in the world.

With a customized hybrid ride, your park stands out and stands apart with a signature thrill to keep visitors coming back again and again.

Learn more about our FlyingSAUCER rides and our hybrid options!

FlyingSAUCER: How it works

ProSlide FlyingSAUCER