No one cares more about our customers or this industry more than we do.

Every project we work on and every park we partner with receives the highest service standards. It’s what keeps our customers coming back time after time.

Read how this translates into four critical advantages.

Passion is the lifeblood of our company and the source of the ProSlide® advantage. It’s passion that fuels our full devotion to every project, and what has made us the trusted partner of the world’s best water parks.


Section 2 - Reasons to choose us


Personal Investment

We’re dedicated to your success on a personal level.


Committed Collaboration

Our water ride experts hone and perfect every element of your water park.


Operator's Perspective

We understand your business. After all, we run our own water park.


Enduring Safety

ProSlide’s commitment to safety is clear: we helped shape the industry standards.

Every aspect of your business matters to us

Personal investment

It’s not just our innovative products that define us as market leaders. Our ambition and passion drive us to give our very best on every project, every time.

Committed collaboration

Building a successful isn’t easy. From planning, to installation, to testing, our expert team will:

  • Listen closely to the specific needs of your water park
  • Work with your team to develop the best possible ride
  • Hone each aspect of the ride until its perfect

Operator’s Perspective

No other ride manufacturer knows water parks better. We understand the importance of:

  • Park and ride differentiation
  • Entertainment value
  • Operational efficiency
  • Safety features

We deliver the same level of passion to your business as we do to our own.

Enduring safety

Guest safety is a crucial component of a successful water park. That’s why we are the main architects of water ride safety standards with the ASTM.

Our iconic attractions are built with the world’s thickest, strongest fibreglass. Each ride piece is made by hand in North America and inspected at every stage, ensuring premium quality.

That means customers get safe and durable rides that will thrill guests for decades to come.

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