Section 02 — About the ride

A ProSlide® WaterKINGDOM™ delivers maximum entertainment and thrills to your most important guests – families!

  1. Ride experience

    Grown-up water rides, aquatic play structures and KIDZ rides create a customized family thrill zone.

  2. Exclusive technology

    WaterKINGDOM™ benefits from ProSlide® design and innovation to maximize footprint, satisfy guests and differentiate your park.

  3. Aquatic play

    A safe and fun area for the whole family means guests spend more time in the park and come back more often.

Section 03 — The details


A ProSlide® WaterKINGDOM™ is a single, integrated platform that combines ProSlide’s® iconic and classic water rides, RideHOUSE® aquatic play structures, and kids’ rides to create a customized family thrill zone. 

Kids love the interactive toys, battle zones, dumping buckets and KIDZ rides. Teens and adults can’t get enough of serpentines, bowls, funnels and more.

Support your park’s branding, marketing and storytelling with flexible custom theming. Add interactivity, add “toys” and features, customize the look and feel, it’s all up to you. Choose None, Standard or Premium theming and create your own custom playground.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide® WaterKINGDOMs™  are completely tailored to your park and come with a built-in expansion strategy. Start with a RideHOUSE® aquatic play structure, a set of core rides and all the connections to grow in later years.

Aquatic play

Families love waterparks. And waterparks love families.

Your ProSlide® WaterKINGDOM™ delivers maximum fun to “kids” of all ages, while keeping the little ones safe and within sight. A great experience means guests spend more time in the park and come back more often.

A customized, immersive experience, ProSlide® WaterKINGDOMs™ differentiate your park by creating instant impact.

Your custom design benefits from ProSlide’s®:

  • Widest range of water ride sizes and thrill levels
  • Most innovative rides with more 1st place awards than all other ride manufacturers combined
  • RideHOUSE® fully immersive, interactive and innovative aquatic play structures
  • World-class kids’ rides, authentic mini versions of our famous funnels, bowls, serpentines and more
  • Massive capacities through optimization of every aspect of our products.

Awards & Recognition

2010 Industry Innovation Award

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We’ve never had a negative experience in all of our projects with ProSlide®, spanning a sixteen year relationship.

Eric Anderson Quassy Amusement Park

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