Section 02 — About the ride

A high-speed bump-drop ride: like a slope full of ski jumps for your guests!

  1. Ride experience

    Riders alternate between high compression and zero Gs as they rocket through a breathtaking slalom adventure.

  2. Exclusive technology

    Our narrow U-shaped flume profile and compound curves assure a stable rider position and smooth transitions from drop to bump.

  3. Essential ride

    With creative theming options, the MultiBUMP™ attractions can become your park’s signature attraction.

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • Body

  • 180 Clients Per Hour


MultiBUMP™ Water Ride

The MultiBUMP™ body slide drops riders at high speed and zero-G over a series of breathtaking near-vertical pitches.


Each bump is carefully engineered with our expertly designed compound vertical curves and narrow flumes to produce the smoothest transitions and the straightest descent.

Guest Capacity 1-person
Hourly Ride Capacity 180
Dispatch Rate 20 seconds
Vehicle Body

Exclusive technology

The MultiBUMP™ body slide uses patented technology, including our perfectly-engineered compound curves and narrow flumes, to provide the ultimate experience.

Essential ride

Combine MultiBUMP™ with other speed slides in a custom complex geared for thrill seekers. Or install a SkyBOX™ drop launch system to create a breathtaking experience for guests.

Add a little theming and make your MultiBUMP™ an unforgettable signature attraction!

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It’s always about the rides – and that’s why we rely on ProSlide®.

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Section 05 — Similar Rides
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