Rulantica, The New Water World at Europa Park

Located in Rust, Germany – Europa-Park is the world’s largest seasional theme park. At 950,000 m2, Europa-Park features over 100 attractions and shows, 17 water rides, 13 roller coasters and 5 resort hotels. In 2019 Europa-Park opened Rulantica, an underwater adventure for children and adults of all ages.

The water park Rulantica is a 32,600 m2 Scandinavian oasis featuring family and thrill rides, seven of which are ProSlide® water rides.
Rulantica took more than two years to construct and ProSlide® has been working in tandem with the Mach family to create a unique and engaging experience since the beginning.

Rulantica is one of Europe’s largest water parks and features Europe’s first ProSlide® Dueling PIPEline™. The competitive serpentine racing ride was first
featured at Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange.

  • 2019 Opening year

  • 950,000 m2 World’s largest seasonal theme park

Rulantica, an underwater adventure for children and adults of all ages

Rulantica’s indoor water park features five premium ProSlide® attractions. The Dueling PIPEline™ is a head-to-head racing competition between friends and family, the MAMMOTH® provides an unforgettable face-to-face adventure with a series of curves, drops and vortex loops. The PIPEline™ pushes the limits of gravity as riders soar to the top of 180° and 360° curves, while the CannonBOWL™ is specially designed to produce the smoothest, safest rotations. The true arched wall of the TornadoWAVE® 60 allows riders to experience weightlessness as they climb the entire width of the wall.


Competitive Racing Dueling PIPEline™
The ProSlide Dueling PIPEline™ takes the classic PIPEline™ to a new level. 2–person rafts push the limits of gravity as racers soar to the top of banked 180° and 360° curves. Riders
compete side-by-side against friends in neighboring lanes, launching their 1 or 2 person tubes headfirst in a sprint to the bottom

Lane Switching Design – ProSlide® Exclusive
Our innovative racing design switches the rider position during the ride for ultimate competition and fun. Riders enter the PIPEline™ on one side but switch after the third RallyPOINT® and exit on the opposite side from one another.

RallyPOINT™ – ProSlide® Exclusive
The ProSlide® Dueling PIPEline™ contains competitive RallyPOINTS™ designed to allow riders a competitive edge over their competition. Dueling zones with low separator walls, allow racers the ability to see and hear each other as they race down to the finish.


Gravity Defying TornadoWAVE® 60
The ProSlide® TornadoWAVE® 60 is the only true arched wall in the attractions industry. Watch as 4 to 6 person rafts enter near-vertical, zero gravity moments as riders gather speed and drop into the arch from above. Experiencing long hang times, rafts are specifically designed to sweep across the width of the wall keeping riders suspended in air before descending into a controlled out-run.

The Only Arched Wall – ProSlide® Exclusive
Ergonomically designed to maintain control and stability, The ProSlide® TornadoWAVE® is the only wall ride that allows riders the opportunity to reach the highest point of the arch while
maintaining a safe and comfortable experience.

Innovative Features

1. RallyPOINT™ on the Dueling PIPEline allows riders the ability to see and hear there competition.
2. MAMMOTH® features the award winning ProSlide Compound Curve.
3. PIPEline™ maximized topography and adresses site challenges.
4. CannonBOWL™ 40 contains a patented CorkScrew™ exit for smooth, safe rotations.
5. Authentic TornadoWAVE® 60 features the only true arched wall in the industry.

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The RULANTICA Water World at Europa-Park means a tremendous amount to ProSlide. Coming from a very technical and ride experiential background (Mack Rides), we are especially proud that the Macks and the Europa-Park Team chose ProSlide Water Rides to anchor their very prestigious Rulantica Water World Park.

Ray Smegal COO, ProSlide Technology

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