Aquashow Water Park

Considered one of the best 25 water parks in Europe by Travelers’ Choice, Aquashow is a top leisure spot across the continent.


Located on the south coast near Faro, this colorful park has entertainment to suit all ages and interests. Situated approximately 2km inland from Quarteira, the 12-hectare location is also host to the Aquashow Park Hotel and offers a full range of family entertainment. Complete with gymnasiums, children’s indoor and outdoor spaces, restaurants, bars and theme park attractions, Aquashow is one of Portugal’s leading destinations.


ProSlide and Aquashow’s first project together opened in 2021. The team at Aquashow was inspired by one of ProSlide’s groundbreaking BLAST Water Coasters, Cheetah Chase, that opened at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari the previous year. Seeing the incredible experience that a state-of-the-art ProSlide Water Coaster can create, Aquashow knew they wanted their own iconic ride, but something that was more of a rollercoaster style that was a high-capacity family ride. To fulfill their vision, ProSlide designed and installed the MammothBLAST/FlyingSAUCER® 45 – Europe’s first ProSlide Water Coaster.


As continental Europe’s first ProSlide Water Coaster, MammothBLAST™/FlyingSAUCER45 is also the first combination of those features to appear in Europe. This is a unique combination of speed, power, and a rafting adventure all in one. Its revolutionary design incorporates ProSlide’s leading water coaster BLAST technology with the world of family rafting for a state-of-the-art water ride experience.


Aquashow Water Park

Iconic Attractions

FlyingSAUCER® 45
First MammothBLAST in Europe
1 st
Approximate water park size
1 ha

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