ProSlide® and American Dream Smash World Records

American Dream, a massive mall and entertainment complex being constructed in New Jersey, recently unveiled new designs and announced their new opening date in 2019.

ProSlide® is proud to confirm that the American Dream water park – the largest indoor water park in the Americas – is powered exclusively by ProSlide®, the global leader in water slide manufacturing and water park transformation.

  • 2019 Opening year

  • #1 Largest indoor water park in Americas

The Dreamworks-themed water park – complete with 80’ Shrek and Donkey balloons, Madagascar themes and much more – will include the world’s most innovative and thrilling ProSlide® rides and will smash records around the world:

  • The dual FreeFALL™ speed slide is the tallest in the world, indoor or out, as riders plunge down a breathtaking 70 degree drop.
  • Two SuperLOOPs™ (the tallest indoor SuperLOOPs™ in the world) hurtle riders through opposing 360 degree curves with insane G-forces and down a near-vertical drop.
  • The TORNADO® 60, with a massive 60’ (six storey) funnel, is the largest indoor TORNADO® in the world by far, with crushing G-forces and heart-stopping weightless hang time.
  • The HydroMAGNETIC® ROCKET® is both the tallest and the longest indoor water coaster in the world, and is changing the way people experience water rides.
  • American Dream’s Custom Complex is a masterpiece in itself, housing an incredible 15 rides in one sophisticated and awe-inspiring tower. It’s the largest in the world by a longshot (they usually house 4 or 5 rides).

“We looked at the best of each of the categories,” says Gary Hanson, VP of Development for Triple Five, “the best family ride, the best thrill ride, the best children’s ride, and every single one of them ProSlide® was number one in the products they provide. So we went exclusively with ProSlide®.”

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This park is going to be amazing, like nothing anyone’s seen before: amazing theming, amazing scale, and of course amazing rides, the biggest and best in the world, the absolute latest innovations in the water slide industry.

Rick Hunter CEO, ProSlide®

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