Top Reasons Every Water Park Needs a Water Coaster

Is a Water Coaster Right for your Water Park?

Today’s modern water park is a leisure attraction for every demographic under the sun: tourists, families, seniors, teens, you name it. Water parks have a universal appeal that attracts everyone to the unique and memorable experiences they provide. One of the major attractions that contributes to those unique and memorable experiences are water coasters. Water coasters anchor the best and most popular water parks in the world because of the thrills and excitement levels they create. Parks have identified that water coasters can help set them apart in the marketplace, capture the attention of guests, and deliver an unmatched level of entertainment value.

However, not every water coaster is the same. Originating in the mid-1990s, these rides have undergone a major evolution since their creation. When it comes to ProSlide’s water coasters, there are two distinct technologies that help define the category and what water coaster is the best fit for your park: HydroMAGNETIC and RocketBLAST propulsion.

Powering the World’s Best Water Coasters: HydroMAGNETIC® Technology

Since their inception water coasters were powered by sheet flow technology and conveyor belts that propel the rafts. In 2005, ProSlide broke the mold for what was possible with water coasters by launching the first major water coaster innovation in years: rides that featured Linear Induction Motor (LIM) technology, the same technology used in high-speed trains. These HydroMAGNETIC water coasters, created design breakthroughs that could support up to 1,080 guests an hour. These revolutionary attractions also included advanced operational and safety features that made these rides easy to maintain and operate. All of these advancements paved the way for the longest, fastest, and most dynamic water coasters the industry had ever witnessed. ProSlide’s HydroMAGNETIC coasters set high standards and won several industry awards including the 2012 IAAPA IMPACT Award. The HydroMAGNETIC LIM technology was also included in the landmark ride Wildebeest, which became a 10-time winner of the Golden Ticket Award for World’s Best Water Ride.

RocketBLAST®: A Powerful and Efficient Water Propulsion Technology

In 2015, ProSlide propelled the water coaster industry forward with yet another innovation with its RocketBLAST® water propulsion technology. Having spent years perfecting water vehicle propulsion with LIM, the company was able to leverage some design philosophies learned during the process to create high-pressure water nozzles along the entire length of each incline and raise them off the riding surface. RocketBLAST water coasters have gone on to redefine how guests experience water coasters, delivering:

  • 100% STEEPER HILLS: ProSlide’s patented nozzles are positioned all the way up the coaster hills to deliver unrivalled smooth and efficient jet propulsion that continues throughout the ride experience. Compared to traditional sheet flow propulsion, RocketBLAST is able to drive vehicles up 100% steeper hills.
  • DOUBLE THE LOAD: RocketBLAST delivers high-powered propulsion force capable of moving up to 800 lbs, twice as much as sheet flow.
  • 60% MORE EFFICIENT: RocketBLAST is optimized with highly engineered nozzles that reduce pumping requirements by 60%. On top on that, ProSlide includes Eco-Mode, a patented on-demand propulsion software, which powers the jets only when a boat is present. This conserves energy and reduces operating costs.

RocketBLAST is the #1 water propulsion technology and is featured at multiple, leading water parks around the world including Siam Park, Six Flags, Atlantis, and more.

A Water Coaster For Everyone

Water coasters have established themselves as the star of the show at water parks all over the world – and rightfully so. Guests love the up-and-down ride path and acceleration/deceleration forces in a fun, wet water ride. HydroMAGNETIC and RocketBLAST technologies both efficiently deliver the power that drives steeper and longer uphill booster sections, carrying heavier payloads than any other water coaster technology. With either of these technologies powering the ride, water coasters become the ultimate thrill ride for any water park guest.




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