We don’t leave until everything works.

With ProSlide installation service, the rides we design and manufacture are installed quickly and expertly. You get:

Safe, on-time installation

Our professionally trained team gets the job done right every time.

Our commitment

We are personally invested in every installation.

A highly skilled team

Our expert installers know this specialized trade inside and out.

Flexible service levels

We can manage the entire job or advise your installation team.

“ProSlide goes above and beyond to deliver their rides on time.”

Jody Kneupper, Wet ‘n’ Wild SplashTown, USA.


Safe, on-time installation

Fiberglass water slides are much more complex today than they were 30 years ago. By hiring the ProSlide team to install ProSlide rides, water parks benefit from:

  • A faster process that gets guests on your rides sooner
  • The practical expertise of a professionally-trained team
  • A guaranteed safe installation that functions according to design intent and lasts for decades
  • Specialized electronic and computer technology expertise for our most advanced rides

Commitment to customers

ProSlide is completely committed to your success. We’ll roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to get rides up and running on schedule, without compromising safety or quality.

A highly skilled team

By training expert carpenters, plumbers, welders and others in every aspect of water ride installation, we’ve built a highly specialized team that:

  • Knows all the practical things: How big a crane, moving fiberglass safely and aligning seams for a smooth ride.
  • Thinks in 3D to assemble complex ride supports quickly
  • Solves problems creatively: To get the job done, we might build a temporary bridge across a lazy river or briefly close a nearby airport runway!
  • Coordinates with other suppliers to ensure maximum productivity for everyone

Flexible service levels

You choose the service level that works best for you:

  • Full installation: ProSlide installs the ride from start to finish. You decide whether we install the steel supports and towers.
  • Technical adviser: ProSlide provides on-the-job advice and best practices to your installation team

Both service levels include a ProSlide project manager to report daily on progress, issues and proposed solutions.

Ride Design Consultation

Looking for a new water ride? Meet 1-on-1 with a water ride expert and learn how we can customize any ride to best fit your park, guest strategy, budget and more.

Water Ride Planner

All the water slide information you need in one place. Read about water ride trends, new installations and how you can get the most out of ProSlide products and services.

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