Water Coasters

Wet and wild hills and valleys.

Cross a water slide with a roller coaster and you get the ProSlide water coaster.

Ride experience

The high energy ride is like a roller coaster, only better: It’s wet!

Exclusive technology

ProSlide invented the LIM water coaster: a game-changer for water parks. And in 2015, revolutionized water propulsion coasters with the new RocketBLAST.

Iconic water ride

ProSlide’s water coasters keep guests raving about your park long after they leave.

A coaster for every budget

From the nimble 3-person to the massive 6-person, there’s a coaster for every footprint and strategy.

Industry Leadership

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Since 2006

Water Coaster

2012 Impact Award

2015 Best New Water Park Ride

2013 Best New Water Park Ride

2012 Best New Water Park Ride

2007 Best New Water Park Ride

2005 Best New Water Park Ride

2012 Leading Edge

2012 Industry Innovation

2010 Industry Innovation

2017 Best New Water Park Ride

2017 Best Water Park Ride

2016 Best Water Park Ride

2015 Best Water Park Ride

2014 Best Water Park Ride

2013 Best New Water Park Ride

2013 Best Water Park Ride

2012 Best New Water Park Ride

2012 Best Water Park Ride

2011 Best Water Park Ride

2010 Best New Water Park Ride

2010 Best New Water Ride

“Bootlegger's Run, a ProSlide LIM water coaster, is our crown jewel.
It's taken our world-class park to a whole new level.”

Mike Bengtson, Splish Splash, USA.


Ride experience

The speeding, high-G ride is like a roller coaster, only better: it’s wet!

Anticipation builds as the ride-up conveyor powers the raft up the first steep climb to the start of the ride. Rounding the summit, the raft surrenders to gravity and rushing water, dropping into a high-speed chute, a sharp turn, another drop.

Gravity drops then smooth linear induction motors (LIMs)  – or high-powered water jets  – drive your guests up and down the steepest hills and around the corners at top speed. Unlike roller coasters, rafts aren’t attached to the ride: they’re sliding!

Exclusive technology

Almost a decade ago, ProSlide took fast, efficient LIM technology and developed it into high-performance water coasters. The LIM water coaster was born.

With 15 patents, ProSlide owns LIM use in water rides. Our exclusive technology keeps ride performance high and operations smooth and safe.

ProSlide HydroMAGNETIC coasters are:

  • High performing: LIM technology makes trains fast and safe. And water rides smooth and exciting.
  • Energy efficient: Our LIM coasters use less energy than the water pumps.
  • High capacity: Entertains up to 1,080 guests an hour; more than wooden roller coasters.
  • Safe and reliable: The most advanced operational and safety features, including a remote, real-time diagnostic service.

And, new in 2015: the newest RocketBLAST® water coaster. It marries technology from our award-winning LIM coasters with turbine technology. And takes water propulsion coasters to a whole new level:

  • 100% steeper hills: ProSlide patented nozzles are positioned all the way up the coaster hills. For bigger coaster thrills and a smooth, fast ride!
  • 50% more capacity: Cup-shaped pockets on the side of the boats capture every drop of water and use all its dynamic energy.
  • 60% more efficient: Sophisticated control systems, sensors and zone-blocking optimize operations.

Iconic water ride

Iconic water rides are the awe-inspiring anchors of your park – a visual spectacle and a thrill to ride. ProSlide’s water coasters bring technology to your water park, making it a highly marketable and impactful guest experience.

Our biggest, the HydroMAGNETIC MAMMOTH, dwarfs everything else in the water park. It’s the only water coaster in the world that can accommodate a second iconic feature. Add a TORNADO funnel in the ride path and create one of the world’s most exciting hybrid rides.

ProSlide water coasters lead the industry with 15 awards and 25 worldwide installations.  True must-have rides.

A coaster for every budget

ProSlide makes water coasters in a size for every footprint, budget and strategy:

  • HydroMAGNETIC MAMMOTH for 6-person rafts combines the mega-raft ride with the coaster experience to offer capacities of up to 1,080 riders per hour.
  • HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET for a 4-person inline boat is like a bobsled run on water, combining high capacity with a tight footprint.
  • RocketBLAST takes 3-person inline boats through quick turns, fast drops and super-smooth acceleration.

Worldwide Patents: 60778384, 7250876.5, 11681702, CA2007/000333,CA2007/000334, multiple other patents pending.

Certifications: IEC, UL & NEC. CSEI.

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