Since 1986, ProSlide has pioneered almost every major water ride invention. We’ve been innovating from the start and we’re not about to stop.

With more Best Water Ride awards than all other water slide manufacturers combined, ProSlide gives you the industry’s best so you can lead your market.

This timeline celebrates just a few of the innovations – and innovators – that have shaped the water slide industry.

Innovation Timeline


ProSlide is founded.

Connect a professional ski racer with a fiberglass yacht builder and you have the key ingredients for the most thrilling water rides in the world.


ProSlide develops its first rides.

Flat-bottomed speed slides and two kids rides.


Six Flags buys its first 2 ProSlide rides.

The start of a successful partnership with 120+ ProSlide rides in 12 Six Flags parks.


Invents twin-entry loading system.

And significantly improves capacities by doubling dispatch rates.


Noah’s Ark installs first of 8 consecutive ProSlide projects.

Located in Wisconsin Dells, it’s now one of the largest water parks in the United States.


Launches first serpentine rides.

The 2-person PIPEline™ tubing ride and the TWISTER™ body slide.


Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon opens with 9 ProSlide rides.

And when they opened Blizzard Beach in 1995, Disney doubled the number of ProSlide rides they installed!


Cedar Fair (Paramount) opens with 11 ProSlide rides.

The first of its 12 water parks to go ProSlide.


Invents the first 6-person water ride.

The truly massive MAMMOTH®: with a flume double the width and triple the height of previous serpentine rides. We had to reconsider every aspect of this record-breaking ride, including using thicker, stronger fiberglass. No wonder it won Best New Waterpark Ride!


Introduces U-shaped flumes for speed slides.

This created a smoother, more stable ride. And allowed us to double tower height – significantly increasing speed while still keeping riders safe.


Splish Splash installs first of 19 ProSlide rides.

This showcase park has always created big buzz with its iconic ProSlide rides. It now boasts the only LIM water coaster in New York state: yet another ProSlide invention!


Invents smaller flume for 6-person MAMMOTH®.

The same high-capacity serpentine ride with less fiberglass means lower costs for our customers!


Wet ‘n Wild Orlando installs 3 ProSlide rides.

The start of a highly-collaborative partnership at what is considered the world’s first water park.


Invents world’s first multi-lane racing ride.

The ProRACER™ wins Best New Waterpark Ride the next year.


Two Latin American parks open with significant ProSlide rides.

Parque Plaza Sesamo in Mexico with 18 rides & Wet ‘n Wild Brazil with 9.


Disney opens second water park: Blizzard Beach.

The first "all-ProSlide" water park in the world.


Innovates dark MAMMOTH® serpentine: fully enclosed flumes!

Sweeps Best New Waterpark Ride awards taking home IAAPA & WWA top honors.


First Middle Eastern installation

Splash Mountain in Lebanon.


Continues to deliver iconic rides for junior guests.

KIDZ tubing rides.


First China installation.

Shanghai Dino Beach.


First European installation.

Alpamare in Germany.


KIDZ River wins Best New Waterpark Ride.

The industry recognizes the importance of tailoring rides for the youngest guests.


Invents the first bowl-shaped water ride.

The ProBOWL™ body slide is installed at Golfland Sunsplash.


Invents innovative exit system

The ProSplash run-out eliminates the need for a pool exit, saving parks significant space.


Invents the first 2-person tubing bowl ride.

The first CannonBOWL™ is installed at Kalahari Resorts.


Invents the first 4-person bowl ride.

Rapid-fire innovation of the bowl line continues! This massive 60-foot (18 m) BehemothBOWL™ wins the industry’s most prestigious IAAPA Industry Impact Award. It also signals the beginning of ProSlide’s dominance inventing truly iconic, anchor attraction rides.


Invents first funnel ride: the ProSlide TORNADO®.

First installation: Holiday World Splashin’ Safari. Now the most recognizable water ride in the world. Wins 2nd IAAPA Impact Award: an industry first.


Great Wolf Lodge installs first of 20+ ProSlide rides.

The world’s largest chain of indoor water parks relies on ProSlide to entertain their guests and help increase occupancy rates.


Introduces our first uphill boating ride

A precursor to our LIM-powered water coaster invention.


Invents LIM-powered water coasters.

Takes fast, efficient and proven linear induction motor (LIM) technology from high-speed commuter trains and adapts it to water parks. Exclusive technology with 13 patents, it’s a cross between a water slide and a roller coaster: a quantum leap for the industry. Launched the 4-person HydroMAGNETIC® ROCKET® this year. 6-person HydroMAGNETIC® MAMMOTH® in 2012 and 2-person HydroMAGNETIC® PIPEline™ in 2013.


Invents face-to-face tube.

Proving that every element of the ride matters, we created a new 2-person tube where guests ride facing each other. The WhirlyWHEEL™ wins Best New Waterpark Product award.


Australia’s Dreamworld opens with 16 ProSlide rides

Including some of our largest anchor attractions: TORNADO® 60 funnel ride, BehemothBOWL™ 60, MAMMOTH® serpentine and many more.


First of many parks to buy a 2nd TORNADO®.

Rapids Waterpark adds a TORNADO® 45 to the TORNADO® 60 they installed in 2004. The park now has close to 30 ProSlide rides!


Invents new category of iconic attractions: hybrids.

Combines two, three or more stand-alone rides into a single experience. Meets the need for ever bigger, more impactful anchor attractions.


Siam Park in Spain opens ‘all-ProSlide’ park.

Before they built their park, the owners of Siam Park visited the world’s top 50 water parks searching for the best rides. It’s no surprise they partnered with ProSlide!


Invents high-thrill in-run for TORNADO® 24.

Wins Best New Waterpark Ride.


Introduces RideHOUSE® aquatic play structures.

Massive installation opens at the Beijing Olympic Water Cube.


Invents the first wave-wall ride.

The world’s only curved wall rides based on award-winning TORNADO® technology. 4-person TornadoWAVE® introduced in 2011 and 2-person PIPElineWAVE™ in 2013.


Invents first braided mat racer.

KrakenRACER™ wins WWA Industry Innovation award and more.


Invents first hybrid ride with multiple bowl features.

Opens to rave reviews at Wild Wadi in Dubai, UAE.


Invents the 6-person LIM-powered water coaster.

HydroMAGNETIC® MAMMOTH® sweeps all award categories, including an unprecedented 3rd IAAPA Industry Impact Award.


Yas Waterworld opens with ProSlide anchor attractions.

Including the first hybrid ride combining a LIM-powered water coaster with the iconic TORNADO® 60. Not only voted most popular ride in the most expensive water park in the world. But also wins IAAPA’s Best New Water Ride award and Industry Impact Award. ProSlide is now an unprecedented 3-time winner of the most prestigious award in the entire attractions industry!


Introduces major innovations to drop launch system

Third-generation SkyBOX™ drop launch for speed slides: with advanced safety and performance features. Massive industry adoption with 40% increase in installations in 2014 alone.


Launches newly designed RideHOUSE®.

Introduces the most significant innovations in aquatic play structures in the last 15 years.


Invents world’s first bowl + wall hybrid ride.

Six Flags over Georgia draws big crowds with the first BehemothBOWL™ 40 + TornadoWAVE® hybrid ride from ProSlide!


RocketBLAST® technology: patented water jets & boat design.

Nozzles direct high-speed water onto a patented channel on the side of each boat. Its cup-shaped pockets capture and use all of the water’s dynamic energy to create 50% more efficiency than the original ‘blaster’ technology.


FlyingSAUCER®30: high speeds & high thrills.

This new shape, combined with brand new RocketBLAST® water coaster technology, is steeply angled to create the constant acceleration and ‘drop-and-dive’ sensations, much like a World-Cup giant slalom ski race!


KIDZ Bowl™ 12!

A short serpentine in-run sends young riders into the patented bowl where they revolve gently along the wall, then exit on their own steam using a small step. Great standalone water rides, kids bowls are also perfect high-capacity additions to a RideHOUSE® aquatic play structure, a KIDZ zone or a WaterKINGDOM™ water park-within-a-park.


FlyingSAUCER® 30!

The FlyingSAUCER® is purpose-built to deliver long exaggerated ride lines, mimicking the controlled performance of a World Cup giant slalom ski race. The sensation simulates carving a line along the outer edges of the ride, and is a completely distinctive and differentiated design and ride experience.


Double TornadoWAVE® 60!

ProSlide walls look slick and are complex, high-performance riding surfaces. Five-six person rafts sweep up and across the curved wall, climbing higher and hanging in zero gravity longer than any other wall ride on the market. Double TornadoWAVE® 60 was awarded IAAPA’s 2017 first place Brass Ring Award for Best New Water Park Attraction.


Low-to-grade (LTG) RocketBLAST®!

Like its dry coaster cousins, RocketBLAST® LTG can be installed on relatively flat terrain. The possibilities are endless! Flagship installation opened at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2017.


FlyingSAUCER® 60!

The unique saucer shape of this patented high‑speed, high‑thrill ride – and its steep angle – creates a completely new water ride experience… Now with 5-6 person rafts and a 60′ saucer feature!



An iconic guest favorite, the TORNADO® 32 is based on ProSlide’s award-winning technology. The 32-foot (9.75 m) funnel offers all the benefits of the TORNADO® 45, but is built for higher capacity with 6-person CloverWHEEL™ rafts.



Technology meets art meets nature in this conveyor-driven raft ride that feels more coaster than slide, as friends and family climb aboard a 5-person raft. This immersive and interactive odyssey offers an anticipation-building ride-up conveyor followed by a long (nearly a full minute!) powered serpentine journey filled with curves, drops, exciting vortex loops and mega splashes.



We've taken the classic racer to the next level with competitive and innovative RallyPOINTS™ — open flumes with low separators that allow riders to see and hear the action as they race to the finish.


Dueling PIPEline™!

Our tubes push the limits of gravity as riders compete side-by-side against friends. Racers come together with exciting RallyPOINTS™ — duelling zones with low separators that allow riders to see and hear the action on the other side.


FlyingSAUCER 45

The mid-range version of our FlyingSAUCER offers more capacity and more thrills as riders on 4- to 5- person rafts take on the saucer excitement!

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