We Build Industry-Changing Rides

ProSlide water ride inventions have won more industry innovation awards than anyone else in the world combined. We’re technologically-focused, with a passion for hard work, continuous innovation and maximum performance.

Our dedication to better our best work delivers three key benefits to our customers:

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Transform your park

One-of-a-kind ProSlide innovations ensure your park and business are future-proof, providing maximum long-term value.


Differentiate your offering

Our patented water ride technology and industry-leading attractions help parks stand out in any market.


Beat your competition

Iconic ProSlide rides deliver the biggest buzz and highest attendance year after year.

Constant innovation and continuous improvement

Transform your park

Becoming the world’s best is no small investment. That’s why it’s important for park owners to future-proof their park by:

  • planning every stage of their growth
  • selecting the best possible materials and manufacturing processes
  • seeking a partner with long-term field-proven success

ProSlide® is the global leader in water slide manufacturing and water park transformation. We have a deep dedication to creating differentiated, “future-proof” water ride attractions that stand the test of time.

That’s why 99% of the 5,000 ProSlide attractions installed in the last 30 years are still in service today. With ProSlide, our customers receive the world’s best water rides, and a partner for life.

See our list of awards.

Differentiate your offering

The water ride industry is a competitive market, with thrill-seekers demanding bigger, faster, and higher every year. Even the most rural water parks are investing in “legendary” rides, raising the bar for other parks that want to stay competitive.

ProSlide has pioneered almost every major water ride innovation. We make more investments in research and development than any other ride manufacturer in the world.

Our world-class attractions are the product of the latest in CAD design and computer simulations, and are tested in a state-of-the-art development lab for ensured perfection.

It’s easy to say you’re an industry innovator, but it’s harder to prove it.

See ProSlide’s® Innovation Timeline.

Beat your competition

Innovation is fundamental in growing revenue and minimizing costs. In order to keep ahead of the competition, water parks need to install new and innovative attractions that draw guests while driving down operational costs.

ProSlide-powered parks offer a differentiated water ride experience that delivers maximum operational efficiency. That means happy riders, bigger buzz and higher attendance, while increasing ROI and guest safety.

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