We are by your side from aspiration to execution, helping you transform your dreams into reality, and your park into one of the highest-performing, smoothest running operations on the planet.

Expert problem solvers

Once our rides are installed, we’re with you for the long haul. With extensive experience in all aspects of the business, our knowledgeable customer support specialists provide:

  • Expert advice on operations and maintenance to maximize safety, efficiency, ride performance and durability
  • Guidance on refurbishing and retrofitting rides to increase throughput and revenue
  • Troubleshooting
  • Real-time diagnostics on select rides – an industry-first!
  • Connection with our network of service partners
  • Replacement parts

Dedicated to your success

At ProSlide®, we feel like our customers are family. A huge part of creating lifelong partnerships is offering great customer care. Our team:

  • Goes above and beyond to help every customer
  • Knows and shares best practices based on experience running our own water park and on our extensive installations around the world
  • Collaborates closely with your maintenance and operations teams

Why you probably won’t need us

ProSlide® technology is designed and built for long life.

  • Our ultra-durable fiberglass is the thickest, strongest and safest in the industry.
  • High quality finishes withstand punishing chlorinated water and UV rays.
  • Precisely-fitted components eliminate leaks and minimize damage to boats.

With proper annual maintenance, ProSlide® rides will be operating safely for decades. But if you need help, we’ll be there.

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Expert problem solvers

Our knowledgeable specialists provide expert advice on all aspects of the business.


Dedicated to your success

Our business is about creating lifelong partnerships. Great customer care is a big part of that.


Why you probably won't need us

Properly installed and maintained, ProSlide® rides have lasting quality.

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They stand behind their product, whether it’s at install or two years later, they’re always there to help you.

Chip Cleary Senior Consultant, Europa-Park, Germany

The support from ProSlide® is phenomenal. You call, you get an answer.

Eric Anderson Owner, Quassy Amusement Park, USA

I work with ProSlide® because I found out that other companies, they don’t have the same interest in customer service.

Christoph Keissling General Manager, Siam Park, Spain
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