Section 02 — About the ride

Wave Pools, Lazy Rivers and ActionRIVERs™ keep guests happy for hours – with no lines or waiting!

  1. The best rides

    From serene to sensational our precise, powerful waves and floating adventures are sure to please.

  2. The best experience

    Variable size waves, custom adventure ports and active play areas offer a truly unique experience.

  3. The best science

    ProSlide® WAVEs™ and RIVERs™ use technology developed by ADG WaveTek™, the industry’s proven top performer, powering 90% of the wave systems in North America.

Section 03 — The details

Why ProSlide®?

Greatest power efficiency: For pneumatic wave generation, blowers are generally set to run cyclically throughout the day (e.g., 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off). That means they are powered off and on 3 times per hour, every day, all season. We don’t do that, we move to a low-power idle during “off” times, eliminating the need for the on/off cycle. There are two negative consequences to the on/off cycle used by our competitors when compared to our low-power idle solution:

  1. Each time a blower is turned on there is a power surge spike, which slowly settles back into normal consumption once the spike subsides. Over the course of hours, days, and weeks those surges account for significant cost that simply doesn’t happen with our solution.
  2. The on/off cycle is also hard on the blowers themselves, causing increased maintenance and shorter equipment life. With low-power idle your blowers last longer and require less maintenance.

Most efficient waves: Many wave generation products offer limited or imprecise patterning and wave dispersal, which limits the usable (enjoyable) area in your wave pool (and reduces your potential capacity and turnover…and money). We offer more wave patterns than any other system on the market, and more importantly more efficient patterns than any other system on the market with no dead spots or unusable areas. You can ensure that every corner of your wave pool will be filled with bouncing, happy guests.

Highest up times: A wave pool without waves is just a pool. Our high up-time/low down-time features ensure that your guests are never left flat:

  1. Redundancy features mean that your system can tolerate the outright failure of many of its components and continue operations
  2. Processing cutover means that if your main PLC (computer) goes down and stops producing wave patterns your entire system can be switched to the smaller backup module, which continues to produce diamond waves until the main comes back online
  3. Rugged construction means that our materials and components have been field-hardened through decades of real-world testing and experience, and will continue performing perfectly under extreme conditions

Laminar flow: Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. It’s easy to make water flow; it’s a lot harder to make it flow smoothly and precisely, when, where, and how you want. And that smoothness and precision is the key to creating well-defined, consistent and predictable wave patterns…or just turbulence. Our precise engineering ensures ideal “laminar (or streamline) flow” by creating precisely engineered paths for water. That reduces (or eliminates) turbulence, enables the waves to hold their definition more crisply and for longer periods, and gives you ultimate control over your guest’s experience.

WAVEs™: Give your guests a day at the beach or a break from the adrenalin-pumping high-thrill rides with a ProSlide® WAVEs™ wave pool. With more options for on-demand and pre-programmable wave pattern sequences than any other system on the market, you can give your guests the ultimate wave pool experience that will keep them coming back for more.

LazyRIVER™: The perfect way to unwind after a long day at the park, ProSlide® LazyRIVERs™ offer a serene drift through gentle currents. Lounging on floating rafts, guests can enjoy unique and scenic theming and a moment of calm away from the hustle, bustle and noise of the thrill rides. Often close to park amenities, the LazyRIVER is both relaxing and convenient.

ActionRIVER™: Lazy River too lazy for you? Pump up the current and set your property apart with an exciting ActionRIVER. When you turn floating into fun adventure with this unique combination of creative design and strategic wave machine placement your guests will be riding the river for hours on end!

  • Recreational waves range from two-foot spaced rollers to merging rollers and diamond waves. A perfect setting for extras such as Cabana rentals and F&B options.
  • Extreme play adventure waves take things up a notch with patterned wave formations set for maximum thrills. Set special extreme play times to attract teens and young adults or run randomly throughout the day to address multiple guest preferences.

Precise engineering ensures ideal laminar flow through the wave-generating caissons, eliminating turbulence and ensuring crisp, defined waves. From small swells to big rollers, our wave generation systems are designed to make a splash and deliver exactly the type of application you need – whether for fun or function.

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ProSlide® is the only company I know which does personalized rides – tailor made suits – to the sensation we are looking.

Christoph Kiessling Siam Park

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