Section 02 — About the ride

Just as fun to watch as it is to ride!

  1. Ride experience

    Novice or pro, this attraction is a thrill for guests of all levels.

  2. Exclusive technology

    A unique tank shape, advanced riding surface and much more.

  3. Smart design

    Every element of our SURF™ is built to operate safely and efficiently.

Section 03 — The details


Based on revolutionary technology from Pacific Surf Design, the SURF™ is a world-class surf simulator that offers massive entertainment for your guests whether they’re riding or watching.


Modeled after open ocean waves, the unique shape of our tank offers one of the largest riding surfaces with the lowest water volume – up to 25% less than competitors, saving parks money on filtration, water treatment, construction costs and more.


This skill-based attraction is a pure revenue generator, keeping riders coming back for more, and keeping spectators glued to their seats (next to your F&B).


Guests get the best surfing experience and you save money on filtration, water treatment, electricity, construction costs and more.


Exclusive Technology


The padded riding surface uses the newest foam technology, providing a consistent riding surface with no ‘dead’ zones so guests can do the same maneuver anywhere on the riding surface. This not only maximizes enjoyment, but it also provides the predictability necessary for a smooth and safe ride experience.

Ride experience

The steeper section of the SURF™ is perfect for launching tricks, while the gentler area allows guests to smoothly complete their carves and transition for one trick to the next.

Its shape – gently angled in the front and steep towards the back – gives riders the ability to move side-to-side, front-to-back and into the air, maximizing the entire surface and extending their riding time.

Essential Ride

This attraction is a spectator magnet. Your guests get just as much enjoyment watching the novice riders as they do cheering on the pros. And its quiet operation makes it easy for spectators and surfers to interact.

Positioned next to food and beverage facilities, it encourages guests to linger, with snack and drink in hand. You can drive even more revenue by positioning the SURF™ in an area available for private events and after-hours functions.


Note: The SURF™ is not available to North American markets. 

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I have just one word for ProSlide® rides - awesome!

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Section 05 — Similar Rides
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