Section 02 — About the ride

Screams around every slippery turn.

  1. Ride experience

    An iconic bowl and funnel in rapid succession make this hybrid an unforgettable ride.

  2. Exclusive technology

    Perfectly engineered funnels and bowls ensure a thrilling, safe and high-capacity ride.

  3. Anchor ride

    Our hybrid water rides are thrilling guests, differentiating water parks and driving higher attendance the world over.

Section 03 — The details

In a nutshell

  • 4 Person

  • 720 Clients Per Hour


BehemothBOWL® 40 + TornadoWAVE® 60

The BehemothBOWL® 40 + TornadoWAVE® 60 hybrid water ride delivers huge impact at massive capacities with 4-person rafts and a 20-second dispatch rate that supports ~720 riders an hour.

Thrill-seekers on 4-person rafts barrel through twisting tunnels before shooting out into the huge bowl, high on the wall for maximum thrills. Suddenly, the raft is sucked through the vortex of the bowl at triple speed and through a stomach-dropping chute, then into the slot for maximum thrills! Rafts plunge at a 100% grade onto the TornadoWAVE® 60 wall, experiencing intense zero-g forces before sliding through the narrow exit and into the pool.

Guest Capacity 2-person 4-person
Hourly Ride Capacity 360 720
Dispatch Rate 20 seconds 20 seconds
Vehicle WhirlyWHEEL™ CLOVERleaf™

Exclusive technology

Our wide range of fibreglass profiles and predictable ride path allows us to lead the industry with thrilling and innovative ride combinations.

The TORNADO® features a patented funnel shape engineered to drive rafts further up the walls, delivering unparalleled excitement in maximum safety. Water injection systems ensure each raft exits consistently to maintain highest capacities. In the BehemothBOWL® 40, the custom shape creates an electrifying ride, while CLOVERleaf™ tubes and CorkScrew exits ensure consistently high capacities.

Anchor ride

Our hybrid water rides deliver a unique and exhilarating anchor attraction: perfect for water parks looking to create massive differentiation. With many installations around the world, ProSlide® hybrids are changing the industry.

Six Flags Over Georgia’s multi-million dollar Hurricane Harbor water park addition relies on their BehemothBOWL® 40 + TornadoWAVE® 60 to draw crowds from every corner of the park. We expertly integrated this massive attraction into the new construction, using an existing hill to reduce the cost of steel while maximizing sight lines and visual impact.

2004 Industry Impact Award

2014 Best New Water Park Ride
2004 Best New Water Park Ride

2014 Leading Edge Award (2)

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Our Tsunami Surge combines great thrills and tremendous throughput for our guests. ProSlide® really delivered!

Dale Kaetzel Six Flags Over Georgia, USA

Section 05 — Similar Rides
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